The Death of Rantings

Written on 19 December 2008 by

Isn’t it obvious enough, Rantings is being neglected, death is looming …

Well, all this is because finals part 1 is a month away, and I mean, exactly a month. I have neither the time nor the mood to blog. I’m well aware of the tags I should be doing, but well… like I said, exams. around corner.

Hopefully my mood will pick up by the end of January and all will be well again. Need to get back to studying. My Christmas is more or less down the toilet, in case anyone’s wondering. Universities shouldn’t be allowed to plan exams right after the holidays, I say. Hrmph. Not fair. OK, anyway… I’m off, bye. I love you, Rantings… Don’t die just yet.


Written on 4 December 2008 by

After spending 3 weeks on a general medicine rotation that involved knowing that most of the patients have bad prognosis (I was attached to a Gastroenterologist, so there were pancreatic cancer, terrible liver problems and IBDs with complications everyday) it is refreshing to be seeing patients who actually improve!

I doubt anyone would say Rheumatology is cheerful, with the agonizing joint pains and chronic illnesses, it is as bleak and depressing as any other specialty. But hey, the massive improvements patients make after a long while, trying on various drugs, is just amazing!!! One lady told us today that she had trouble getting out of bed less than 6 months ago, but her condition have improved so much she had gone on a walking tour a couple of weeks back. I smiled. We all did. :)

9 weeks and counting

Written on 16 November 2008 by

Uhm, no, I don’t quite know why I’m even counting.

While revision is pretty much on schedule, I don’t seem to be able to remember things very well. It is satisfying to know that I’ve covered the major chunk of my course but at the same time, it is worrying that I cannot remember all of it. Thankfully, if things continue to go so well, I will have just over a month to go over everything again once more.

Hmm… I’m at a lost, I don’t know how to feel right now. Interesting.

In the past week

Written on 7 November 2008 by

The past week has been pretty eventful, I must say.

On the international scene, we saw Lewis Hamilton becoming the youngest F1 champion and the first black person to win the title too; then there was the American election, where Barack Obama won and is not set to become America’s first black president.

I’m not a fan of F1, so I’ll leave that bit of news be… especially since I actually have nothing to say. But about Obama…

I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I got to know he won. Got a text from F at 3.20am, saying that Obama’s definitely going to win, and another text an hour later from my brother saying he’s definitely won. Now, I’ve been wondering…. if he has a black parent and a white parent, he is as much an African-American as he is a Caucasian right?? Why does that make him the first black president?? O_o Hmmm… Never a huge fan of racial issues, they confuse me.

Now, on a personal front… I finally got that jobs application thing in, and life has been wonderful since I clicked the submit button about 20 hours ago. :-) It took me a long time to find the guts to click that little blue thing, but I did it, and it felt good.

It’s just a matter of sitting, waiting and hoping for January now…

An Attempt At Optimism

Written on 30 October 2008 by

A failing attempt, rather…

I’ve got a week before the UKFPO deadline and honestly, I’m not really ready. That, and the million and one things in final year is drowning me. It doesn’t help that any attempt at being keen seems to be frowned upon.

I’m fed up.



Written on 18 October 2008 by

I started revision just over a month back… and it’s neither fun nor productive. No, I cannot remember the things I’m supposed to have covered, which makes it very sad. Part of me feel that it’s been a waste of time, but I needed to start… if only to take away that horrible guilt that was consuming me. Moreover, I like to think that there are bits of knowledge slowly making its way into my head, and they’ll all help me in the end.

How’s that for being optimistic?


Disastrous Day

Written on 9 October 2008 by

In one day… I managed to burn a pot AND set the house alarm off without knowing the code (the house owner has long forgotten the code). And my housemate came home to tell us she thinks she destroyed the toaster in the morning.

Absolutely amazing how much we can fit into a day…

Mourning For White Rabbit

Written on 24 September 2008 by

They killed the white rabbit!! Uhm, the sweet, I mean. It’s been taken off the shelves because it is a made-in-china milk product and is contaminated with melamine.

The white coloured milk candy with its edible paper wrapper used to be a favourite among many children of my generation. Now.. it is GONE!!! It is all very upsetting, I think I should be in mourning for the death of 大白兔奶糖. Argh. Evil businessmen and their selfishness…

Ways of the Jedi

Written on 15 September 2008 by

Anyone interested in learning the Jedi ways? My university has a course on it!!

The UK’s first Jedi course is on offer at Queen’s University Belfast in November and hopes to attract Star Wars fans and introduce them to the joys of continuing their education through open learning.


Thank you, dobbs, for the heads up.

Time to go look for a light sabre!

Don’t Do Your Job

Written on 13 September 2008 by

‘Cos it’ll get you arrested, and detained without trial too! All too much fun and excitement for a silly girl like me.

Like Dr Cheah, I’m absolutely baffled by the arrest of Tan Choon Heng, the Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter. She was merely doing her job and reporting on the happenings in a ceramah. Someone made an irresponsible comment and she reported about it. An apology was made on behalf of this person and the said someone has been subjected to a 3 years suspension from his party. Doesn’t that imply that the powers-that-be agrees that the incident did happen and the behaviour was unacceptable? Now… then why has the poor journalist been arrested for non-false reporting? If there is anyone potentially “causing social unrest” isn’t it the one who made the statement, and not the one who reported it?

If journalists constantly face the threat of ISA, how can we expect to get any bit of fair and open reporting in the country? Oh, and this is a democracy?

This is definitely headache inducing. I’d better stock up on PCM.

Not Knowing

Written on 4 September 2008 by

“Not knowing” is the worst state to be in… I hate that it. There is a nagging feeling that something isn’t right.

I don’t know why I’ve got that horrible knot in my stomach. I just do. It is most unsettling.


Written on 31 August 2008 by

I fly no flag…

1. I see no reason to fly one.

2. If the wind blows and the flag turns upside down, I’ll get into trouble

Happy Merdeka Day!!

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