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Brissie Trip Photos I

7 August 2008

I have bits of them put up on facebook, but I thought I’ll put some up here too… (They are actually in chronological order)
After this, there had to be something else right?

The happy couple at the pre-cake/pre-surprise dinner… Linda has no idea there was anything else after this.

Three monkeys at three monkeys??

Count the candles!! Haha

The […]

End of Trip Thoughts

3 August 2008

My month long trip to Brisbane has ended, I’m actually typing this on the flight from Brisbane to Singapore. It is a 7 hours long flight and I’m less than halfway through it. I’ve just seen “Ironman” and am watching “Prince Caspian” right now. I obviously don’t find the latter all that wonderful, or I […]

Happy In Brisbane

6 July 2008

Here I am in sunny ol’ Brisbane! Compared to the Irish accent, the Australian one is definitely a lot easier to understand… but it still takes a little getting used to.
Landed at about 9.30am yesterday morning and got through immigration and custom without much hassle, even the queue was bearable! Custom and quarantine checks […]


4 July 2008

I’m at the airport, waiting for my boarding gate to open… nope, I’m not going back to Belfast, not just yet. In fact, not for a few months yet!! I’m going to Brisbane!!!
I don’t know how Adrian and Linda feel about me invading their Brissie home, or how the other UQ folks feel […]

Evil Look

24 April 2008

This is from the Scotland Trip over easter break…
On a beautiful morning in Isle of Skye, three girls were wandering about before breakfast.

There is one particular one who was somewhat obsessed about taking pretty pictures of flowers. While she was busy taking the perfect picture…

Sien Hui: Hahaha… *snap photo*

Sien Hui: Yee Pei, where’s […]

Long Awaited Photos

31 March 2008

… are not here yet. Heehee…
I know Adeline (affectionately known as AGong or Gongster) is waiting for me to put up the Whale Challenge pictures, but they were not on my camera, so just hang in there until I get the photos from Grace and Sien Hui, alright?
In the mean time, I should explain a […]

Trip To Ireland

16 April 2007

Last Thursday, Harp & I missed our favourite Paddy so much, we went looking for the Leprechaun down south. In the 4 days we were there, I learnt more about Irish history and culture than I ever did in Northern Ireland this last 7 months! We went to the site of the Battle of the […]

Post-Exam Break

24 January 2007

*Warning* Lotsa pictures.
I had my last paper on Thursday and rushed off on Friday morning with Shie Ling for a weekend away. I got to spend time with 9 wonderful people. The group of 10 was a really interesting mix. 2 Swiss, 2 Maltesians, 1 Austrian, 1 Norwegian, 1 Indian, 1 Finnish and 2 Malaysians.

Not […]

Giant’s Causeway

8 November 2006

Giant’s Causeway is a world heritage site and is one of the main attraction in Northern Ireland.
Some time ago, the International Friendship Association (IFA) organised a trip to Giant’s Causeway and Dunluce Castle and some of us jumped at the chance. When you talk about visiting the Giant’s Causeway, its got a lot to […]

And I’m Back

21 May 2006

From China, that is. :D
It’s quite an experience, really. Went to look for my grandaunt and granduncle’s relatives… (think kampungs)… saw stuff that I wouldn’t have if I had gone as a tourist.
Only disappointment was that I didn’t do much shopping… but hey, it wasn’t a shopping trip, was it?
Overall, I had an OK time, […]

Just Before Boarding

18 May 2006

I’m writing this from Changi airport, just before boarding… I doubt I’ll have internet access during the trip. Erm… the long and short of this is that my grandaunt & granduncle wanna go kampung visiting, and mum decided to go along, somewhere along the way, my name came up and I’m going as well.
Wish me […]

Off I Go Again

17 May 2006

Going to China now… :D Actually I’m flying tomorrow.. but staying over at my grandaunt’s place in S’pore tonight (early morning flight mah). Rest of the Miri photos will be up when I get back.

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