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Phase 5 Coming Up

29 May 2008

We had a 3 hours long briefing session for final year yesterday afternoon, and I think I have no choice but to accept that in less than a month’s time, I will be a final year medical student and that is how I will be introducing myself to patients. Not 1st, not 2nd, not 3rd […]

Last Bit Of Forth Year

23 May 2008

It’s been quite a while since the last update and I have certainly been ignoring my blog more and more these days. I’m in the middle of my last module, Perioperative & Emergency Medicine (POEM) and the fact that final year is looming ahead is starting to become more and more real. *gulp*
Enough of scaring […]

Freaking Out

6 May 2008

Why? You ask… Right… here goes…
1. January is 8 months away — Final MB Part 1 is 8 months away
2. Final years have finish their exams and have started on their work shadowing — Guess what I’ll be doing a year from now?
3. Attended a talk earlier today (? yesterday) on foundation jobs application (read: […]

The Waiting Medical Student

24 April 2008

Waiting, that’s the first thing most medical students learn to do.
In the “early days”, when you’re the wide-eye medical student, constantly overwhelmed by what’s around you and afraid of over-stepping boundaries. You seem to lack initiative, but in actual fact, it’s just because you’re a little on the shy side. You don’t know whether it […]

The Token Photos II

20 April 2008

Veronica’s birthday is coming up, so we went to Gingertree for dinner last night. There are 2 Japanese restaurants in the area, and I have never been to the other one. The rest assures me that this one is the better (and more expensive) one. I don’t think photos will do those sushi, ramen and […]

The Token Photos

20 April 2008

I have promised photos after photos… but nothing much has been posted so far. Paiseh… Busy with life otherwise, you see.
For starters, here are a couple of photo from the faculty formal about a week ago. It was all a little crazy. I got home at 5pm and the cocktail reception was at 7pm. I […]


21 February 2008

Got the offer letter.. WOOHOO!!! Brisbane, HERE I COME!!!

Chinese New Year — A Long Overdue Post

13 February 2008

Right, time to put something up to push that depression post down now that Psych exams are over and I did get to celebrate Chinese New Year after all. Life hasn’t been all that unkind to me after all… ;)
This is what CNY has been about for the past week…
Eating, hanging out with great friends, […]

Long Wait

30 December 2007

There is a new question this trip home, everyone seems to be asking me, “aiyooo… how long more?”
Ladies and gentlemen… I’ve still got a long way to go, 1 1/2 years to go, in fact. While I still have time, I am enjoying life as a student. I am looking forward to graduating because it […]

And Moving On

16 December 2007

To my next rotation, Psychiatry.
This will be interesting and a good break after the last 16 weeks of intensive Obs & Gynae and Paediatrics (and the 1 week lecture will be like an early Christmas break, heh.) I have always had a special interest in psychiatry. I suppose having a close friend who needed psychiatric […]

Exams Over

13 December 2007

Woohoo! That’s 2 of the longest and apparently toughest postings over! :) All’s good.
Today’s paper was terrible, and I came out feeling like I shouldn’t have studied because it didn’t really make a difference!! Absolutely horrifying experience! Then again, well, it’s over… so there!

Afternoon Exams

12 December 2007

While I enjoy the sleeping in idea (well, waking up at a ridiculous hour doesn’t exactly put anyone in top form for exams, I suppose), I don’t like the idle morning time.
I can’t study because I am just too nervous to get anything in my head. And I can’t not study because then I feel […]

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