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The Magic White Gloves

25 May 2009

I firmly believe that medical school is bad for one’s mental health. Everything leading up to final year is pretty alright, then they throw you the huge bomb known was “THE FINALS”. It is quite mad, knowing that everything is dependent on this set of exams. Stress level: C-R-A-Z-Y. I believe I was very close […]

Stress & Nightmares

20 April 2009

Those clinical finals are in a week’s time and if all goes well, this will be my last set of exams as an undergraduate student. Compared to the written papers in January, I don’t think I’m as stressed up. This time ’round, there has not been any bouts of tears and sadness alternating with unexplainable […]

The Bum That Is Me

12 February 2009

It’s now 3 weeks after Finals Part 1 and I’m feeling like the worst slacker ever. I’ve got absolutely no motivation to do anything academic and since 21st January, all I have been interested in is to lie on my bed, under the warm duvet and not do anything. I don’t want to go to […]


22 January 2009

Yes. It is.
I don’t know if I passed… and have a horrible feeling I haven’t. But hey.. for now, it’s OVER!!! And that’s all that counts. Now, excuse me while I huddle in a corner and read my new (very non-medical) novels. WHEE!!! :D

Public Service Announcement: They Bluff

11 January 2009

You know the time when you’re told that starting your revision early is a good thing? And that it will give you more time and therefore it will be better for you?
It’s a lie. A LIE, I tell you.
I started this revision thing in September, more than 3 months before my exam, and have since […]


4 December 2008

After spending 3 weeks on a general medicine rotation that involved knowing that most of the patients have bad prognosis (I was attached to a Gastroenterologist, so there were pancreatic cancer, terrible liver problems and IBDs with complications everyday) it is refreshing to be seeing patients who actually improve!
I doubt anyone would say Rheumatology […]

9 weeks and counting

16 November 2008

Uhm, no, I don’t quite know why I’m even counting.
While revision is pretty much on schedule, I don’t seem to be able to remember things very well. It is satisfying to know that I’ve covered the major chunk of my course but at the same time, it is worrying that I cannot remember all […]


18 October 2008

I started revision just over a month back… and it’s neither fun nor productive. No, I cannot remember the things I’m supposed to have covered, which makes it very sad. Part of me feel that it’s been a waste of time, but I needed to start… if only to take away that horrible guilt that […]

My Feet

21 August 2008

They hurt. :(
I think they deserve a new pair of shoes, maybe two… Hmm… Yes, that is how I will reward my feet when this elective is over.
My brain should start working on that audit report too, and then I can think of a reward for it. :)


19 August 2008

32/G5/P3+1. Hep B.
Episiotomy repaired.
No needlestick. Nothing.
Sigh of relief.

End of Trip Thoughts

3 August 2008

My month long trip to Brisbane has ended, I’m actually typing this on the flight from Brisbane to Singapore. It is a 7 hours long flight and I’m less than halfway through it. I’ve just seen “Ironman” and am watching “Prince Caspian” right now. I obviously don’t find the latter all that wonderful, or I […]

The Seniors

4 July 2008

They were the group of people who helped me settle in when I first got to Belfast and throughout my 2 years there, they’ve continued to be great friends, always willing to give me that piece of advice when I need one. :) I am sure life in Belfast, especially the initial months, would have […]

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