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Reminding Myself

11 November 2007

As I said before, it was difficult yesterday… but when I read the news report on thestar online, I find that I am on an uphill struggle.
From this article…
The people should reject street demonstrations and effect any change through polls, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Calling the organisers stubborn, he said: “I am disappointed. […]

Clean Up

10 November 2007

My room needs quite a bit of tidying up and the rest of the house would definitely benefit from some dusting and vacuuming. All very important… but there is apparently a more important area that needs cleaning up - the Malaysian electoral system.
A mass rally was organised earlier today (6th November) in the middle of […]


15 July 2007

Why am I up at 1.30am? Looks like this is going to be a long night… ARGH. What a pain!!! NOW.
Ok, let’s try this…
Dear Brain,
I’d really like to get some sleep right now. Can you please stop thinking so much and let me rest? It has been a long day, hasn’t it? I am […]

Malaysian Mindsets

11 February 2007

I had always thought that education will make a person more open minded, make him more receptive to new ideas and more accommodating to people who are different. I had always thought that the solution to the racial problems we have, is first and foremost, education. I admit (once again) to being naive.
I look at […]

Flying McRoach & Datuk JPJ

24 March 2006

It is surprising how bloggers manage to find out new things. First we have rkaru who discovered about the new spectacles rule in JPJ, then we have CHiQ who discovered a new product over at McDs BSC! The Flying McRoach!
Two seperate incidences, both about service.
rKaru lost his roadtax and had to go to JPJ […]


12 March 2006

everything becomes so disappointing, things look so bleak, you have nothing left to say.
Then again, who am I to say anything. I cannot hope to make any changes, I can only be there… as a friend.
I wonder if she knows that this friend’s here.

Bad Customer Service

16 February 2006

One is bad, two makes you wonder why these companies even survive. Surprise surprise, both of them have got something to do with my broadband accounts.
One won’t stop asking about my blinking dsl light…
Her: Ma’am, may I know if your dsl light is stable?
Me: I don’t have my phone cable plugged into my modem right […]


2 February 2006

… not the nose, but on semantics
One is generally recognised as a disgusting act, but trust me, the latter is not any better.
You know a discussion is not going anywhere when people nitpick on the use of a particular word or phrase and the entire discussion skew towards the appropriate or inappropriate choice of word. […]

SBT: Nasioncom

11 November 2005

SBT is a new category of posts in Rantings, and it stands for SUX BIG TIME. What kind of posts fall into this category is clearly self explanatory
First, some background…
While everyone is bitching about slow, unstable streamyx connection, I don’t even get streamyx here!!! Not because I live in ulu timbaktu, but because I have […]

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