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Another Year…

12 September 2011

… has gone by.
It is definitely time to re-think the idea of this blog, whether to keep it going or shut it down entirely.

Tarak Updates

30 August 2010

A certain sunflower commented via email that my blog “tarak update” so here I am, talking about the lack of updates. :P
I doubt anyone still reads my blog (with its lack of anything new). Life has been pretty good lately, I am loving my current job. Psychiatry is very interesting when you meet the really […]

An Attempt At Optimism

30 October 2008

A failing attempt, rather…
I’ve got a week before the UKFPO deadline and honestly, I’m not really ready. That, and the million and one things in final year is drowning me. It doesn’t help that any attempt at being keen seems to be frowned upon.
I’m fed up.

Mourning For White Rabbit

24 September 2008

They killed the white rabbit!! Uhm, the sweet, I mean. It’s been taken off the shelves because it is a made-in-china milk product and is contaminated with melamine.
The white coloured milk candy with its edible paper wrapper used to be a favourite among many children of my generation. Now.. it is GONE!!! It is […]

Missing Meds

30 August 2008

My pain meds are missing.
I am in pain.
I am not happy.
Why are there no other NSAIDs in the house? Why does PCM not get rid of this pain at all?


9 June 2008

Part of me dread the coming of final year (and exams), but an even larger part of me can’t wait for 4th year to end. It has been an fun and exciting year… and also a very very long year. I’m tired… I need a break… I want a week when I will have proper […]


14 May 2008

Don’t you hate it when things fall short of expectations? Hmm… I do.
Well, this is especially so when it comes to the issue of trust. I am generally a trusting person when it comes to my friends. It is terribly easy to get me to trust a friend, though once that trust is lost, […]

Tak Dapat Undi

7 March 2008

No replies from SPR, not for the email I sent them, or the form I posted out. I’m not surprised, actually… But a little disappointed, I must say. Hrmph.
To all the Malaysians out there, who will be voting in a few hours’ time. Do consider carefully before you put down that X, it is for […]

Protected: Note To Self II (PW:烦恼的拼音 ;))

26 February 2008

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Note To Self

17 February 2008



6 February 2008

I’m not feeling good about the impending psychiatry exam, and even more so, I’m not in the right frame of mind to sit for an exam. Yes. I am feeling absolutely miserable about having exams these couple of days. It sucks. I’m homesick.
I’m hating everyone right now… Please leave me alone. *sob*

Killing Heat

28 December 2007

Yes, the heat is upsetting me. :( We’re looking at a daily temperature between 24 to 32°C and no, I don’t like heat very much. Somehow, the 10°C in Belfast looks very good right now.

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