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16 April 2006

If I’ve got the yPod and yPhone, it’s no surprise that my new buy’s named yPalm.
I hotsync the yPalm and now she (if she’s taking on my initials, she better be female. :P) has everything that used to be in the T3, well, almost everything. All my school things are in, but they sure […]

Making More Sense

15 April 2006

To those people who weren’t with me yesterday afternoon, and those who I didn’t call/PM/IM with my crazy “wheeee…” messages, I know my previous post must be confusing, so here’s one that makes more sense.
I got the TX.
Yup. I did. Yup, I’m still sticking to Palms. I’m open to the switching idea, but as long […]