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Another place to play

8 April 2007

Thanks to Palmdoc, I’ve found another “place to play”… is a social networking tool for bloggers, not unlike Friendster or Facebook or Bebo or Hi5, but it is very bloggers based. Do take a look when you find time. :)
I’m looking to add the “Recent Readers” widget to Rantings, but as you most probably […]


1 April 2007

Bah. Akismet managed to block 1373 spam… in ONE NIGHT. And it isn’t even the most it has blocked in a single night on this blog. MADNESS!!!

Tagged II: My name in my domain

30 March 2007

I was tagged by in the my-name-in-my-domian meme. Here’s what it’s about…
1) Write a short introduction paragraph about how you found the List and include a link to the blog that referred you to the List.
2) COPY the ENTIRE List below and add it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount […]

We’re Malaysians…

2 August 2006

… and there are certain things we don’t do, certain things we don’t want to see and certain things the government seeks to protect us from.
1. We don’t hold hands in public, no, we don’t want to see you holding hands either, thank goodness for the government, we’re now protected from that awful sight!
2. We […]

Feeds Aggregator

20 June 2006

For a long time, I had been using Sharp Reader to read the RSS feeds of some of the blogs I read on a regular basis. I tried out bloglines last night and decided that I like it better, and since it is web-based, I can have access to feeds anywhere I am. :D Yup… […]

Woohoo! Link!!! (Part IV)

3 June 2006

Anyone who reads M203 would know of KenJ. Well, the good news is that the resident M203 blogger now has his own blog. Looks like he will no longer be treating M203 diaries like a rent-free blog hotel. :P The fella sure can think of stuff to write about, and in a way that interests […]

Looking for a new look

1 May 2006

Rantings need a new look. Not that I think there is anything wrong with its current look, it’s just getting a little boring. It may not be that bad for you, but it sure is bad for me, considering I access it several times a day. In case you have not noticed, I’m one of […]


30 April 2006

I finally got ’round to doing it. I’m now running wordpress 2.0.2. :D
I thought me being the destructive me will most probably kill the blog, and have mutiple sets of backup. But nope, all seems fine.
If anyone reads this and thinks something looks odd, let me know ok? I’ll see what I can do.
In the […]

Not An Aggregator?

18 March 2006

Looks like I am a lot blurrer than I thought I was… *sheepish grin*
I read MMR on a regular basis and sometimes pop over to MMM for a dose of the latest malaysian medical news.
For the longest time ever I thought MMM was done automatically via a news aggregator of some sort. And then […]

Woohoo! Link!!! (Part III)

9 March 2006

It seems like I’m finding more and more links everyday… today… it’s… *drum roll*…SARAH!
Sarah = S = my senior = Rat-killer-from-this-post :P She blogged about yesterday too.

Woohoo! Links!!! (Part II)

13 February 2006

Added another 2 links. Both med peepz.
There’s Ling, a wonderful babe I’ve known for…. *count fingers count toes*… 14 years. Ok, Ling! We’re growing old!!! (No, we weren’t neighbours, we weren’t primary school classmates, not even schoolmates, and we didn’t go anywhere in the same school bus.) She’s all the way in Manipal now (in […]

Woohoo! Link!!!

30 January 2006

Richard has a blog!!! Added under Med Peepz. :D
To those of you who don’t know who he is.. er.. he’s Richard lah. One of the Library Gods (or Demi-God ah? Oi, some other library inhabitant please clarify), one of the debaters from my batch, one of the guys I often team up with for Asian […]

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