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Living In Denial

7 January 2006

Look! We may have found the reason for the increasing crime rates in Johor Bahru. I call it “denial”.
The city has been receiving pretty bad publicity from travel guides, both in print and on the Internet, with some books and websites labelling the major entry point as a crime-prone area.
The websites and guidebooks associate […]

Red Crystal

8 December 2005

I first read about this in secondary school when someone put it on the RCY noticeboard in school. It was an article proposing a third symbol for the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. I think it was called the Red Diamond. Not a huge fan of current affairs, politics or RCK* then, I did […]


5 December 2005 says that volunteer means:
1. To perform or offer to perform a service of one’s own free will.
2. To do charitable or helpful work without pay.
Prasad blogged about volunteerism and there were a lot of comments thrown around in the comment box, so I figured I might as well blog about it instead. Nono, […]

Lump of Clay

7 October 2005

Clay… pounded and kneaded, spun round and round
Clay… thrown into the oven, baked on and on
Clay… colour and coated, paint brush dabbing on
Clay… back into the oven, greater and greater heat
Clay… no, Tea Cup… beautifully made
Tea Cup… a beautiful masterpiece
I wrote this much earlier this year and it was inspired by a story I read […]

Treasuring Anonymity

26 August 2005

1. The quality or state of being unknown or unacknowledged.
2. One that is unknown or unacknowledged.
Hidden behind a screen, represented only by words, it is not difficult to remain anonymous on the internet. By “anonymous” I don’t mean a case where people don’t know your real name, I am referring to anonymity on a deeper […]

WTIM: Choice

23 August 2005

If anything, it’s to prove Sheena wrong, that I do want to write about words that intrigues me
With all the talk about choosing PMS-es within the batch, an appropriate second WTIM will be CHOICE, I think.
1. First and foremost, as a noun, a “choice” also means an “option” and having the power to choose. […]

Promoting Racism, I say

23 July 2005

Recently, there’s been call, by the UMNO Youth, for the New Economic Policy (NEP) to be re-introduced as the country’s development policy. Aiz blogged about it, the Bootstrapper blogged about it, and other bloggers have also written their views about it. Since I was whining and grumbling about it when I read it on the […]

To A Dear Friend

20 June 2005

Don’t ask me why…
I’m unhappy
A little angry
Maybe a little upset
I don’t ask you why…
You’re different
A little aloof
Maybe a little ignoring
I’m happy for you,
Truly happy.
I’m glad
You’ve got someone there.
I understand
The way things work
Circumstances has it this way
And that’s how life is.
You told me
Not to let it affect us
I tried to accomodate
But it just isn’t working out.
Maybe […]

Ooo… The scheming council

19 June 2005

Yes yes, we live in a perfectly harmonious multi-racial society. We don’t have enough problems as it is. Of course, all the races are so in love with each other… life is getting a bit too boring. Hey! Looks like it’s a good time to incite some unhappiness among the races! Wheee!!!
“The MMC does not […]

Best Place On Earth

19 June 2005

Ask different people where’s the best place on earth and you’ll get various answers. Different countries, different states etc. But… I think the best place on earth is still home.
After almost 2 years in KL, my room in Vista has become more and more comfortable, more and more like a home away from home. […]

We’re No. 1!!!

17 June 2005

You know the way boleh-land always try to be number 1? Here’s what’s on NST:
KIDNEY FAILURE DUE TO DIABETES: Malaysia ranks as world No 1
The country has been ranked number one in the world when it comes to diabetes as the cause of kidney failure by the US Renal Data Registry.
Datuk Dr Zaki […]

Contemplating Life

20 May 2005

Sad, unfair and unjust.
What wrong did I do
That I have to bear this.
What fault did I commit
That I have this burden.
Hide, runaway, disappear.
A seemingly perfect solution.
But not the way.
I wait.

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