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Reminding Myself

11 November 2007

As I said before, it was difficult yesterday… but when I read the news report on thestar online, I find that I am on an uphill struggle.
From this article…
The people should reject street demonstrations and effect any change through polls, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Calling the organisers stubborn, he said: “I am disappointed. […]

Clean Up

10 November 2007

My room needs quite a bit of tidying up and the rest of the house would definitely benefit from some dusting and vacuuming. All very important… but there is apparently a more important area that needs cleaning up - the Malaysian electoral system.
A mass rally was organised earlier today (6th November) in the middle of […]

NATurally confused

15 July 2007

On a rare rare rare occasion when I was surfing on PPS on Friday night, I had read about the Nat issue on E Contrario, but there weren’t much details (Nat’s whereabout was still unknown), then I found out more yesterday on the same blog, on trusty ol’ Screenshots and on Cheryl Tan’s blog. There […]

Will you consider…

29 June 2007

“Two more years hor… aiyo, you’re in UK and your brother is in US. You all plan to come home or not huh? Where do you plan to work? Will you even consider working in Malaysia?”
- Numerous Aunties

Interesting question, isn’t it? And an even more interesting way of phrasing it! The question is not about […]

Bangsa Malaysia

7 November 2006

In the news today, Najib said that:
“Bangsa Malaysia means we do not evaluate someone by his skin colour, race or religion,” Najib said when closing the Johor Umno Convention at Persada Johor here yesterday.
“It does not question the special rights of the Malays, our quota or anything of that sort.”
I am a […]

We’re Malaysians…

2 August 2006

… and there are certain things we don’t do, certain things we don’t want to see and certain things the government seeks to protect us from.
1. We don’t hold hands in public, no, we don’t want to see you holding hands either, thank goodness for the government, we’re now protected from that awful sight!
2. We […]

A Conversation

7 July 2006

Dear diary, I had a bad day today. I got up late in the morning and missed the sunrise…
Many of us kept diaries, and many bloggers seem to think of blogs as alternative to diaries. Zen wrote about how she thought her blog would be her punching bag, where she can vent all she likes […]

Perfect Recipe

15 June 2006

This is so not going to be about my latest cooking adventure… since I haven’t really made anything interesting lately. Maybe I should, that will make my life a lot more interesting, right?
I was chatting with one of my lecturers earlier this evening when Dr J said something that got me thinking. He told me, […]

Better here

2 May 2006

At least that’s what Prof Dr Lokman paints it out to be here.
The article reports that Malaysians have less opportunities for training and promotions in Britain (but he went to Ireland which isn’t quite “Britain” but nevermind) because priority is given to EU doctors. I wouldn’t doubt that, really, since it is common in many […]

Drainage Systems

1 May 2006

When it rains heavily, floods occur in various places. Cars stall, traffic is diverted into one single lane, in short, it is bad. As if to compensate for this, our country has another wonderful drainage system, not for water though, for brains.
Thousands of Malaysians (no, the issue isn’t scholars this time) study abroad and many […]

On Returning Home

25 April 2006

The background to this issue is straightforward, JPA gives out several scholarships each year to students to study medicine in university overseas, whether twinning or otherwise. Having paid for their fees and given them allowance for 7 years (’A’ levels + undergrad), the govt wants 10 years’ work in return. The fresh SPM grad takes the scholarship and eventually breaks the bond.


2 February 2006

… not the nose, but on semantics
One is generally recognised as a disgusting act, but trust me, the latter is not any better.
You know a discussion is not going anywhere when people nitpick on the use of a particular word or phrase and the entire discussion skew towards the appropriate or inappropriate choice of word. […]

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