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March 31, 2005

Hormonal Problems

So I'm a female, so my hormones kick up a huge storm now and then but now... ALL the hormones are kicking up a big fuss.

Endocrine ICA is just around the corner (well, it's on Friday aka tomorrow) and I'm not prepared yet. In fact, it still feels as if sem 4 just started! To make matters worse, I need to score well for this system! To prove a point to someone...

OMG, this sucks.. and it sucks real bad.

Added at 2.13pm
Woke up in the morning to find myself sneezing away...

Looks like stress is kicking in, my hypothalamus is having fun releasing CRH and influencing her good friend, the anterior pituitary release ACTH who shares the joy with her friend, adrenal cortex.. who goes on a cortisol releasing spree. So now I've got greater protein catabolism, my liver uptake of amino acids goes up and there is increased gluconeogenesis. Catabolism of triacylglycerol in adipose tissues, releasing glycerol and fatty acids has also kicked in. And glucose uptake and oxidation by body cells (not the brain ones) has been inhibited. I've got enhanced vascular activity. But sad sad sad to say, my *sobz* immune system *sobz* has been *sobz* suppressed *sobz and I'M FALLING SICK!!! *major sobz* (yeah, I'm being dramatic)

Teetree is beeping away 'cos I've got overdue stuff on my to-do list. I looked and OMG! It's the 3 readings that I'm supposed to do before tomorrow's debate training. I've got them somewhere, but haven't really sat down to read them. Gosh... my hypothalamus must be having a whale of a time.

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March 29, 2005

A Different Kinda Gong

I wasn't feeling too good today and needed to talk to someone and got someone to talk to. I'm not particularly close to this someone. (Well, it's not as if we're strangers or we don't talk, we're just not particularly close)

Have you ever had the feeling that somethings are common sense, but this common sense will strike you until someone else tells you about it? Have you ever had the feeling that someone your age is so much more mature than you? Such that she makes so much more sense? I guess I was in a phase where I was thinking a little too much, keeping a little too much to myself and really needed someone to get some sense into me...

She told me somethings that really helped and for that I wanna say... Thanks, Ah Gong!!!

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The World Trembles II

And so the world trembles again... read about it here.

(Shake.. Shake..)
Me: (Thinking)"Huh? Must be I'm really tired, or needa change bed already" (Goes back to bed)
(Shake.. Shake..)
Me: (Thinking)"Er.. the building shook ah? Ok." (Dozes off again)
S: "Eh, come down now."
Me: "Huh?"
S: "Come down now, and take the stairs. Didn't you feel the building shake? Everyone's going downstairs."
Me: "Yeah, I felt the building shake. Go down? Oh!!! Ok."

(Yeah, I know I'm blur, but hey! I was asleep k) Then I persuaded A to go down with me. Poor guy was watching "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" and hee, basically I didn't let him watch his show. Went downstairs to a whole crowd of people outside. Asking "EH! Did you feel it?" I guess most of us just went downstairs because our friends did... and stood there chatting and watching families driving out car after car.

Think 'bout it, if we thought the buildings were going to collapse, we wouldn't have stayed just outside right? :P Pretty funny though, to see everyone coming down in their lepak-at-home clothes.

Random quotes...
"I thought someone was making out... and making my building shake really bad."

"I've got my notes here, if Vista collapse, I'll rent out my notes and make a lot of money."

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March 28, 2005

Quit Procrastinating

After the trip to Chennai, I was supposed to write a report on my elective. Since the scope of what CMCT does is pretty wide, the 3 of us decided to split the workload. There's G the hardworking and conscientious, and E and I the not-so-hardworking and not-so-conscientious.

G: Is your part of the elective report ready?
Me: Erm... it's half done.
(Well, the truth is that the poor report's been sitting half done for the past few days. *sheepish*)
G: Is your part of the elective report ready?
E: Just refining.

Part of me was wondering when my procrastinating will end... and I got a not-so-nice email in my inbox.

From: Person from AAD
To: awholelotofus@emailaddresses.com
Cc: Tutor
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 13:50:52 +0800
Subject: Elective Reports Submission

Dear Students

Please be reminded that the deadline for the above has been overdued.
Kindly submit latest by Wednesday (30 March 2005).
Further delay will not be entertained.

On behalf of .

*Gulp* This is the first time since primary school days I'm being reminded by a teacher/lecturer to do my work!!! Yikes! *Blush*

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March 27, 2005

To & Fro

Went back to JB on Friday evening and here I am, in KL again on Sunday evening. Talk 'bout short trips, eh? Reason for this short trip home the weekend before endocrine in-course? Well... according to the Lunar calender (last year, 13 months), it's his 1 year anniversary and there are rites to do. That's what led to me spending 5 and a half hour travelling KL-JB and another 5 hours JB-KL. But well, if something has to be done, it just has to be done.

This trip home really put some things into perspective. She's alone at home and I think she feels lonely sometimes. I don't know how to make the situation better and that sucks. Kor is coming home for holiday in June, maybe things will be better then. *hopeful*

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March 25, 2005

A Place For Students

Seems appropriate to do a little advertising for a new webpage I've been visiting pretty regularly these days...


If anyone remembered last SRC elections, the M2/03ians actually promised the student population an IMU Students portal. They even created IMUStudents.com to show everyone what they have in mind. :) In the end, most of them didn't get elected but it seems like the idea got through and now, we've got a webpage serving the student population.

Have a look at IMUCAMPUS.com Pretty cool site, with flash and stuff. :) (56k alert!!) Good job, guys. Oh ya, there's a forum too, students both past and present are welcome.


I've also linked it under "linkz". So there.

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March 22, 2005

To A Special Someone

It's Dooku Kor's bday today. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

CHiQ Jie, Beat, Kaizer and I celebrated his bday last Saturday. It was a day of walking around, dinner at Victoria Station and Sheridan's at CHiQ Jie's place.

Hee, malas to type somemore lah..

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March 19, 2005

Of Screams, Shouts & Good Perfomances

CHiQ's kawan gave her tickets to the Force of Nature concert last night. Not just normal tickets, but exclusive golden circle ones, with after show passes... *grinz* Nice CHiQ brought me along. *Hugs the CHiQ*

In summary...

My vocal cords, my arms, my butt and my legs got really really good workouts. The concert ended at 3am, by then, we were dead tired and decided that we can't go for the after show party... so the passes were given to CHiQfriend and her bf. (Which I kinda regretted doing when I passed the entrance to the party.. :( ) I asked CHiQfriend to get me autographs, hopefully she was successful. YW joined us later in the concert after her usher duties, and 3 of us were having great fun! We went off to mamak after the concert and my.. was I glad to sit down to my cup of syrup limau ais.

On good singers...

Not going to list them all.. most of them were absolutely wonderful. The way they raa-raa* the crowd... Oooo... And ya, I'm mad about Black Eyed Peas now. (Even called Sheena at 2.30am, waking her up, (sorry girl) just to make her listen to their "Where is the love") The audience was going crazy!!!

On Bitches...

They seem to around all the time. I would have thought happy and nice places like concerts, will not have bitches. But Miss Bitch A, Miss Bitch B and kawan-kawan were right there, in the first row. Towards the end of the concert, we were all very near the stage, at the barrier actually... BSB** just went off and everyone's waiting for Black Eyed Peas' performance.

Miss Bitch A: *tap tap shoulder of nice girl (NG)* We have front row seats, the least you can do is let us stand in front of you.

Miss Bitch B: Yeah, we let you stand there for the last half an hour, we've been staring at your asses!

NG's Friend: Ok, stop creating a commotion, all of us are moving for you.

Me: *Pull YW and CHiQ* Mama say don't play with bitches. *smiles at bitches*

But erm... during the Black Eyed Peas' performance, the bitches stand there like statue wor... Everyone going crazy but the bitches weren't moving or singing at all. *confused*

*YP's way of saying "making people excited and hyped up"
**I'm in no way a fan of BSB

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March 14, 2005


Logged on the MovableType a while ago wanting to post pictures of the Chennai trip but lost the mood already. Saw a more than 50 posts increase in the comment section and I knew it's the spammers again. ARGH ARGH ARGH. Spoil mood saje...

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March 11, 2005

Talk Till You Drop

The first week of school has almost ended (woohoo!) and I guess this is a good time to talk about the beginning of my life as a Sem 4 student.

Da yingeleesee placement test was no fair. Peeper like me speeks an lite no yingeleesee! Sweer fael. No fair. Dey tell us lite formal emael and sot stolee, I no no how to lite. I sweer fael dee. *cly in korna*

We started on the Endocrine system and classes are alright, I guess. Only problem is that I miss DC. *sobz* He is in a class of his own and that new guy is no where near DC kinda standards. Hrmph. I ended up coming back and spending the entire night trying to figure out stuff about the lecture. It was bad... M'sian studies was OK but er.. how did she manage to yak for 2 hours without stopping? And apparently the minorities are too insignificant for us to pay any attention to. *winks at Sheena*

Oh ya, time table sucks big time. Lectures are from 4pm to 6.15pm daily, with PBL, CSU and M'sian studies before that. Trust me, it sucks. The best timetable was in Sem1, and after that, it was just a downward slope.

Debate meeting on Tuesday went OK-well, we got quite a few things sorted out. Yilinah (nice spelling eh?) is going to design a logo, I sure look forward to seeing it. Oh ya, it was pretty obvious that the 2 months break made quite a few of us gatal to debate.

Before the meeting...
R: Eh, Wanna debate lah.
HL: Ya lah.
Me: Me too. Eh, tell S lah, don't wanna have meeting, let's have one round now.
So we asked S, but S very mean... she say "no"

We did manage to have a round on Thurs evening and despite all the rustiness, it was good to yak away again. *grinz*

Oh ya, Ah Gong dumped me and Yilinah shot me. Grrr... Must think of a way to take revenge. Muahahaha =P

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March 09, 2005


He left a year ago. Somehow, it feels like yesterday. I can still remember exactly what happened a year ago. A year has passed and I learnt one very important thing... Time can work miracles and help people come to terms with many things, but there are still stuff that time can't do, there is still pain that time cannot take away and we just have to learn to come to terms.

I look back at my posts during that time and find that they were surprisingly "happy" and "normal". Just a note to people out there, denial isn't the way to solve problems or come to terms with problems, we just got to face certain issues, no matter how you run, those issues will still be there. Running away just means delaying the pain, but it doesn't lessen it. I can distinctly remember my state of mind during that time and the months after... A huge thank you to friends around me, for being there, for listening, for bearing with me.

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March 07, 2005

A Short Little Post

Just a short post to summarise everything before I go zzz...

2. School starts tomorrow (well, er.. today)
3. India pics will be up soon. (like erm.. SOON lah)
4. Europe pics too.
5. Just turned the comments thingie back on.

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March 01, 2005

Elective -- Day 12

Ahz, it's been a long time since I last posted... nothing much, just didn't have time to.

We went for Tsunami relief again yesterday, in terms of what was done for the villagers, not much difference as compared to the previous week. :) This time 'round, the medical team included a dentist, so I got to see what happens when a dentist turns mobile. No noisy machines or canggih chairs, just a simple foldable chair, and other tools.

But on the part of the villagers, there was a lot of difference. There were firecrackers, dances and fish for us to eat too! Why? Well, 'cos this time 'round, Dr Colleen, the director of CMCT came along. (Talk 'bout big shots and different treatment eh?)

This afternoon we watch 2 surgeries take place at the CMCT's health centre. One plastic surgery where they did some skin grafting (but the poor guy gotta have is thumb attached to his right iliac fossa for 3 weeks, they wanna do something for his thumb which was crushed), the next one was haemarrhoids. Pretty interesting, I'll say. :) And the plastic surgeon invited us over to his hospital, so it looks like there'll be a lot to learn tomorrow! Hurray! *grinz*

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