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Soupy Happiness

16 September 2010

There is something about soup that makes one feel happy and contented even in the worse of times. And there seems to be something about ethinic Chinese and our love for soup. Now, although the western blended-goo version of soup is yummy, I am referring to the boiled-for-eternity Chinese one here.

I bumped into a friend on Sunday and she was on her way home to “yum tong”. That set me thinking… a steaming hot bowl of soup would be great for this weather! And since I couldn’t possibly jump on a 12hrs flight to “yum tong”, I had to make my own. It doesn’t take much effort, really, since the pot sits on the stove and works its own magic.

I got a big slice of winter melon (冬瓜), a pack of pork ribs (排骨) and a couple of dried scallops (干贝). Cut the melon up into big chunks, wash the ribs and rinse with boiling water, rinsed the scallops… Throw the latter 2 into a big pot with a lot of boiling water, then in goes the melon an hour later. Sprinkle some salt. And VIOLA! I have my winter melon with pork ribs soup (冬瓜排骨汤)!!! For the next couple of days, I indulged in soupy happiness!

Ahhh… Bliss…

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  1. doc said,

    on September 17th, 2010 at 3:24 am

    Put dry oyster. :P

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