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At The End Of The Tunnel

2 August 2009

About 12 months ago, I was starting to worry about the then upcoming written finals in January, and then in April, the clinical finals and after that, results. Life was starting to take it’s toll on me and I couldn’t help wondering when I would see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, along came the reading of results and graduation. The white gloves made an appearance in May, everyone in the class who sat for clinical finals this year passed!! As a group, we have managed to find that light!

However, life is riddled with these tunnels and I am about to enter one of them. Come Wednesday, it will be the beginning of a new phase. I start work as a FY 1 (JHO, HO, intern… pick your terminology). Am I scared? Definitely!!! Although there will be seniors from whom I can get help, I’m no longer a student and need to start taking on proper responsibilities. Am I looking forward to it? Of course! :) It is going to be tough, and there will be times I regret my career choice or want to huddle up and cry but it is also going to be an exciting challenge.

Sitting in a whirlpool of anxiety and excitement, and fluctuating between the ups and downs that accompanies these sorts of waiting, I have resigned to telling myself to take each challenge and handle it to the best of my ability… Come on, what else can a person do, right?

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