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Having Wheels

5 March 2009

I haven’t been doing much blogging… to anyone who still visits Rantings, my sincere apologies.

Friends who have been noticing my status changes on Facebook would have known by now that I’ve recently gotten a car. (Woohoo!!) Life with wheels is great!! I’d forgotten how much independence and ease a car accords. BBRRIILLIIAANNTT!!

The thing about NI is that there are places the public transport system does not get you to on Sundays. In situations where I did not have a friend who happened to be driving from Belfast with whom I could get a lift, getting to a peripheral hospital in time for wards/clinics on Monday mornings can be a major pain. I certainly do not enjoy waiting an hour for a taxi in a dark train station of a small town I’ve never been to. I doubt anyone would! Having wheels means this is no longer a problem! YAY!!!

Now, the problem with having a car is getting it to bring you from point A to point B ie. the traffic. No, it is not anywhere near as bad as KL here, but driving a manual car in any remotely heavy traffic is not much fun at all. I love my current car, but I do miss the automatic gearbox in car-car… sigh. Why didn’t I go for an auto again this time round? Silly me!! :P The other problem is with finding a space to leave the car ie. parking. I found myself confronted with both problems today after driving half an hour to tutorial this afternoon (see, car = important… if I didn’t have it, no way I could have attended the tutorial). I arrived at the hospital with 15 min to spare, thinking I could park and get a cup of tea… then I got stuck in a massive queue going into the car park. The type of massive queue that lasted more than half an hour. Yucks.

Well, no matter how much trouble driving/parking is, I must say having this extra means of travel is a good thing. I love it. I’ll try to put up pictures of the car soon. ;-)

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  1. jeyadev said,

    on March 9th, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    cool! now the munki is terro- I mean, driving around the UK :)

    thanks for the birthday wishes, too !

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