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Happy Chinese New Year

26 January 2009

May you have a prosperous new year!!
恭喜发财! 万事如意!


22 January 2009

Yes. It is.
I don’t know if I passed… and have a horrible feeling I haven’t. But hey.. for now, it’s OVER!!! And that’s all that counts. Now, excuse me while I huddle in a corner and read my new (very non-medical) novels. WHEE!!! :D

Public Service Announcement: They Bluff

11 January 2009

You know the time when you’re told that starting your revision early is a good thing? And that it will give you more time and therefore it will be better for you?
It’s a lie. A LIE, I tell you.
I started this revision thing in September, more than 3 months before my exam, and have since […]