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4 December 2008

After spending 3 weeks on a general medicine rotation that involved knowing that most of the patients have bad prognosis (I was attached to a Gastroenterologist, so there were pancreatic cancer, terrible liver problems and IBDs with complications everyday) it is refreshing to be seeing patients who actually improve!

I doubt anyone would say Rheumatology is cheerful, with the agonizing joint pains and chronic illnesses, it is as bleak and depressing as any other specialty. But hey, the massive improvements patients make after a long while, trying on various drugs, is just amazing!!! One lady told us today that she had trouble getting out of bed less than 6 months ago, but her condition have improved so much she had gone on a walking tour a couple of weeks back. I smiled. We all did. :)

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  1. Cheng Hiang said,

    on December 6th, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    You should do paediatrics:) 95% of our patients get well after 3 days and back to bouncing around!

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