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Happy Christmas

24 December 2008

Time does fly… once again, it is Christmas.
To everyone out there,

Happy Christmas
All The Very Best In 2009!!!

The Death of Rantings

19 December 2008

Isn’t it obvious enough, Rantings is being neglected, death is looming …
Well, all this is because finals part 1 is a month away, and I mean, exactly a month. I have neither the time nor the mood to blog. I’m well aware of the tags I should be doing, but well… like I said, exams. […]


4 December 2008

After spending 3 weeks on a general medicine rotation that involved knowing that most of the patients have bad prognosis (I was attached to a Gastroenterologist, so there were pancreatic cancer, terrible liver problems and IBDs with complications everyday) it is refreshing to be seeing patients who actually improve!
I doubt anyone would say Rheumatology […]