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An Attempt At Optimism

30 October 2008

A failing attempt, rather…
I’ve got a week before the UKFPO deadline and honestly, I’m not really ready. That, and the million and one things in final year is drowning me. It doesn’t help that any attempt at being keen seems to be frowned upon.
I’m fed up.


18 October 2008

I started revision just over a month back… and it’s neither fun nor productive. No, I cannot remember the things I’m supposed to have covered, which makes it very sad. Part of me feel that it’s been a waste of time, but I needed to start… if only to take away that horrible guilt that […]

Disastrous Day

9 October 2008

In one day… I managed to burn a pot AND set the house alarm off without knowing the code (the house owner has long forgotten the code). And my housemate came home to tell us she thinks she destroyed the toaster in the morning.
Absolutely amazing how much we can fit into a day…