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Mourning For White Rabbit

24 September 2008

They killed the white rabbit!! Uhm, the sweet, I mean. It’s been taken off the shelves because it is a made-in-china milk product and is contaminated with melamine.
The white coloured milk candy with its edible paper wrapper used to be a favourite among many children of my generation. Now.. it is GONE!!! It is […]

Ways of the Jedi

15 September 2008

Anyone interested in learning the Jedi ways? My university has a course on it!!
The UK’s first Jedi course is on offer at Queen’s University Belfast in November and hopes to attract Star Wars fans and introduce them to the joys of continuing their education through open learning.
Thank you, dobbs, for the heads up.
Time to […]

Don’t Do Your Job

13 September 2008

‘Cos it’ll get you arrested, and detained without trial too! All too much fun and excitement for a silly girl like me.
Like Dr Cheah, I’m absolutely baffled by the arrest of Tan Choon Heng, the Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter. She was merely doing her job and reporting on the happenings in a ceramah. […]

Not Knowing

4 September 2008

“Not knowing” is the worst state to be in… I hate that it. There is a nagging feeling that something isn’t right.
I don’t know why I’ve got that horrible knot in my stomach. I just do. It is most unsettling.