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31 August 2008

I fly no flag…
1. I see no reason to fly one.
2. If the wind blows and the flag turns upside down, I’ll get into trouble
Happy Merdeka Day!!

Missing Meds

30 August 2008

My pain meds are missing.
I am in pain.
I am not happy.
Why are there no other NSAIDs in the house? Why does PCM not get rid of this pain at all?


28 August 2008

“Bengkak lah, moi… adui.. bengkak lah.. sakit ge?”

My maid is not known for showing sympathy and compassion… Her comment was more out of surprise and curiosity than anything.
I went and got my wisdom tooth removed on Tuesday evening, that is me over 36hrs later. I always thought my face is too squarish, now, I […]

My Feet

21 August 2008

They hurt. :(
I think they deserve a new pair of shoes, maybe two… Hmm… Yes, that is how I will reward my feet when this elective is over.
My brain should start working on that audit report too, and then I can think of a reward for it. :)


19 August 2008

32/G5/P3+1. Hep B.
Episiotomy repaired.
No needlestick. Nothing.
Sigh of relief.

I am still alive

13 August 2008

I am still alive, the blog isn’t really… *sheepish grin*
I’m currently doing an Obs&Gynae elective in HSAJB (JB’s GH). Coming back to the Malaysian healthcare system is a shock to my system… why? Well, difference in working styles etc. I don’t wanna elaborate, but it isn’t difficult to guess, right?
Anyway, this is a short […]

Brissie Trip Photos I

7 August 2008

I have bits of them put up on facebook, but I thought I’ll put some up here too… (They are actually in chronological order)
After this, there had to be something else right?

The happy couple at the pre-cake/pre-surprise dinner… Linda has no idea there was anything else after this.

Three monkeys at three monkeys??

Count the candles!! Haha

The […]

End of Trip Thoughts

3 August 2008

My month long trip to Brisbane has ended, I’m actually typing this on the flight from Brisbane to Singapore. It is a 7 hours long flight and I’m less than halfway through it. I’ve just seen “Ironman” and am watching “Prince Caspian” right now. I obviously don’t find the latter all that wonderful, or I […]