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Waiting To Board

29 June 2008

Yup, that’s what I’m doing right now. Sitting in heathrow airport, waiting to board. I think my MBP’s battery will run out before I am even due to board and I can’t seem to find a working electrical socket. I suppose I’ll find something near the boarding gate… but the question remains, WHICH GATE?? ARGH.
I […]


23 June 2008

Got my new desk.
Life is good again. Yes. i am kind of sad that way.. :D

As Summer Nears

22 June 2008

Alright, the sun has disappeared, the rain’s back again and over all, summer looks like it’s gone from Northern Ireland. The “summer” I’m referring to here is the summer holidays.
One more week to go before I sit for the last exam of the year, and prepare to head off home… there always this anxious feeling […]


9 June 2008

Part of me dread the coming of final year (and exams), but an even larger part of me can’t wait for 4th year to end. It has been an fun and exciting year… and also a very very long year. I’m tired… I need a break… I want a week when I will have proper […]

Last Note

4 June 2008

We (her friends and family) made an agreement a year ago to take down her blog and more significantly, restrict who reads her very last post… I don’t think I have a right to put up the entire note but what was said to me, belongs to me and I’m putting it up here. In […]

A year ago

3 June 2008

This time, a year ago, I was stressed up with 3rd year finals and was moving house at the same time… then I got the first of her SMSes, instructions to publish a blogpost, her last message to her family and friends. I still remember how I felt then…
“What??? What’s that silly girl up to?? […]