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Evil Look

24 April 2008

This is from the Scotland Trip over easter break…
On a beautiful morning in Isle of Skye, three girls were wandering about before breakfast.

There is one particular one who was somewhat obsessed about taking pretty pictures of flowers. While she was busy taking the perfect picture…

Sien Hui: Hahaha… *snap photo*

Sien Hui: Yee Pei, where’s […]

The Waiting Medical Student

24 April 2008

Waiting, that’s the first thing most medical students learn to do.
In the “early days”, when you’re the wide-eye medical student, constantly overwhelmed by what’s around you and afraid of over-stepping boundaries. You seem to lack initiative, but in actual fact, it’s just because you’re a little on the shy side. You don’t know whether it […]

The Token Photos II

20 April 2008

Veronica’s birthday is coming up, so we went to Gingertree for dinner last night. There are 2 Japanese restaurants in the area, and I have never been to the other one. The rest assures me that this one is the better (and more expensive) one. I don’t think photos will do those sushi, ramen and […]

The Token Photos

20 April 2008

I have promised photos after photos… but nothing much has been posted so far. Paiseh… Busy with life otherwise, you see.
For starters, here are a couple of photo from the faculty formal about a week ago. It was all a little crazy. I got home at 5pm and the cocktail reception was at 7pm. I […]

About Those Photos…

12 April 2008

… I haven’t even gone through all of them, so it’s quite crazy. :P
And… in my defense, I’ve been busy with schoolwork, arranging electives, sorting out my clinical project…AND getting ready for the faculty formal.
The formal went fine and apart from my aching feet, it’s all good. Hopefully the formal photos will be up in […]

The Thing About Photos

4 April 2008

Is that you’ve got to resize them and upload them THEN.. post it on your blog.
I’ve got the photos from Grace and Sien Hui now… but I just don’t have the time post them just yet. :P Sorrrrryyyyy…