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Long Awaited Photos

31 March 2008

… are not here yet. Heehee…
I know Adeline (affectionately known as AGong or Gongster) is waiting for me to put up the Whale Challenge pictures, but they were not on my camera, so just hang in there until I get the photos from Grace and Sien Hui, alright?
In the mean time, I should explain a […]

Away for a time

24 March 2008

Yeah.. And I’m still away. This is one of those random posts to fill gaps. Hopefully when I get back to Belfast, I will blog about my Irish Paddy’s Weekend trip and my Scottish Easter trip.
I’m actually happily typing away on Ailing’s computer in Edinburgh right now, will only be back in Belfast tomorrow […]

Proud To Be Malaysian

9 March 2008

General Elections 2008 marks the beginning of a new chapter in Malaysian politics, and I am terribly proud of my countrymen making this happen.
When Pak Lah first took over as Prime Minister, people were excited with his promises with regards to zero tolerance for corruption and talks of a country built on islamic values, yet […]


9 March 2008

My only regret is that I am not in Malaysia on this all important day.

Tak Dapat Undi

7 March 2008

No replies from SPR, not for the email I sent them, or the form I posted out. I’m not surprised, actually… But a little disappointed, I must say. Hrmph.
To all the Malaysians out there, who will be voting in a few hours’ time. Do consider carefully before you put down that X, it is for […]

Pak La La La La

2 March 2008

Got the link to Comedy Court in an email from Han Ni and rolled off my bed laughing at some of the clips there. In view of the upcoming elections, I’m posting this particular clip on my blog. Do have a listen… And of course, it is all in the name of fun. But if […]