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Public Service Announcement: MALAYSIANS ABROAD AND VOTING

26 February 2008

This is similar to the post on Sheena’s blog. I am hoping that by putting it up here, it will reach more people. (Do put it on your blog too and spread the message.)
Download this form and send it to the “Pegawai Pengurus” (Officer-in-Charge) of your voting locality, ie. the place you registered. You can […]

Protected: Note To Self II (PW:烦恼的拼音 ;))

26 February 2008

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


21 February 2008

Got the offer letter.. WOOHOO!!! Brisbane, HERE I COME!!!

Note To Self

17 February 2008


Chinese New Year — A Long Overdue Post

13 February 2008

Right, time to put something up to push that depression post down now that Psych exams are over and I did get to celebrate Chinese New Year after all. Life hasn’t been all that unkind to me after all… ;)
This is what CNY has been about for the past week…
Eating, hanging out with great friends, […]


6 February 2008

I’m not feeling good about the impending psychiatry exam, and even more so, I’m not in the right frame of mind to sit for an exam. Yes. I am feeling absolutely miserable about having exams these couple of days. It sucks. I’m homesick.
I’m hating everyone right now… Please leave me alone. *sob*

Happy Chinese New Year

6 February 2008

With dinners planned for the next couple of days, I know it’s CNY just ’round the corner… but there isn’t much of a CNY air around here. *Shrug* In fact, I have an exam today and tomorrow!!! Mad, isn’t it? Yeah, psychiatry too, no less. Haha.
To everyone out there…
Happy Chinese New Year!


2 February 2008

Had my first driving lesson today… in the snow, no less (well, just bad luck that it snowed, actually).
It’s been so long since I last stepped into a manual car and it sure took a while to get used to it. Sheesh! I suppose I should rent a car and practice one of these […]

Not Criminal

2 February 2008

I was away in Omagh for a good while and only had a chance to put up the banner now. *points to extreme right sidebar*
The doctor concerned had not register his clinic, yes, he broke the law. However, that is a hefty fine and going to jail is certainly unwarranted. For more details, please click […]