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Long Wait

30 December 2007

There is a new question this trip home, everyone seems to be asking me, “aiyooo… how long more?”
Ladies and gentlemen… I’ve still got a long way to go, 1 1/2 years to go, in fact. While I still have time, I am enjoying life as a student. I am looking forward to graduating because it […]

Killing Heat

28 December 2007

Yes, the heat is upsetting me. :( We’re looking at a daily temperature between 24 to 32°C and no, I don’t like heat very much. Somehow, the 10°C in Belfast looks very good right now.

I Am Home

22 December 2007

YAY!! Need I say more??? :D
A 1 hr flight, 4 hrs transit, another 13 hrs flight later and another 1/2 hour traffic jam later… I AM HOME!!!

And Moving On

16 December 2007

To my next rotation, Psychiatry.
This will be interesting and a good break after the last 16 weeks of intensive Obs & Gynae and Paediatrics (and the 1 week lecture will be like an early Christmas break, heh.) I have always had a special interest in psychiatry. I suppose having a close friend who needed psychiatric […]

Exams Over

13 December 2007

Woohoo! That’s 2 of the longest and apparently toughest postings over! :) All’s good.
Today’s paper was terrible, and I came out feeling like I shouldn’t have studied because it didn’t really make a difference!! Absolutely horrifying experience! Then again, well, it’s over… so there!

Afternoon Exams

12 December 2007

While I enjoy the sleeping in idea (well, waking up at a ridiculous hour doesn’t exactly put anyone in top form for exams, I suppose), I don’t like the idle morning time.
I can’t study because I am just too nervous to get anything in my head. And I can’t not study because then I feel […]


10 December 2007

小学时,华文老师常说:“语文,如果要进步,就得多听,多讲,多读,多写。” 因为自己的华文程度感到非常担心,所以我又再写中文部落!哦,如果你看不懂我写什么,别担心,是我华文差,跟你没关系。;)

Thinking Of The Past

9 December 2007

不知道为什么,忽然想用中文部落。 有可能是因为最近发现周围的朋友都以为我只会说华语,不会读或写。哦,已经好久没写华文字了,头脑好像有点儿“生锈”,把十二年的华文课都还给了老师们。真惭愧!
前两天,初级学院的旧同学把当年的照片在Facebook上传。我看了看照片,想起了很多美好的回忆。少年时的我,比起现在,脾气坏得多,也从来不理会其他人的感受。到了初院才开始长大,虽然脾气还是很臭, 但是因为自己知道问题大概出在哪里,也有设法改善。可能是这个原因,周围的朋友也多了不少,自己也开心得多。想起来,十七八岁的那两年可能就是我学生生涯里的转捩点吧。
其实,想起来也有点儿想笑。。。来自莱中的我,如果不是成绩不理想,也不会选读英华。可是如过不是到了英华,换了环境,也不会自我翻醒,因而改善自己。哦,所谓的 “there’s a silver lining in every cloud” 也许就是这样子吧。

Peptalking Myself

8 December 2007

I’m not insane (not extremely so anyway) but I do talk to myself now and then… and sometimes, I find the need to peptalk to myself.
You need to stop whining about the hours you spend on your work. You SHOULD be working hard, and if anything, you need to put in more time and […]

Around The Corner

6 December 2007

Nope, not Christmas… Paeds exam is just ’round the corner. O_O
No, I’m not a happy child.
Hmmm… I wonder if I can bawl and make a huge fuss and everything will go away… HHRrrrmmmm….