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Looks Can Be Deceiving

27 November 2007

A boy pooped on me, puked on me, pulled my hair and laughed at me today. After I picked him up, calmed him down, fed him… and along the way, helped clean him up and change him.
His excuse? Well, he’s 7 months old AND he is one of the most adorable little things everrrrr…
Now I […]

Christmas Goodies and Memories

26 November 2007

My housemate, Andrea, decided to bake over the weekend, making batch after batch of yummy Christmas cookies. I was helping her and we had a lot of fun. It was great. Absolutely wonderful… :)
I was mixing the cookie dough and it looked a little too wet when…
Andrea: “Should I add a little more flour?”
Me: “Uh… […]

Forms Forms Forms

26 November 2007

Yeah, that seems to be what elective is all about. And I’m not a huge fan of paperwork… :(

There should be plenty to blog about…

22 November 2007

… but I cannot seem to do so.
There was the gathering cum house warming thingamajig that we threw for our friends from Guthrie House.
There are all the interesting stories I’ve been hearing from being out in the community paediatrics clinic.
And worse come to worse, there are the random stories of my lack of sleep.
But I […]

Call For Help

16 November 2007

Yes, that’s my lesson of the day… after an afternoon with Sim Baby.
Clerking a patient, coming up with a list of differential and the appropriate management plan is all great, but executing it is a very different thing. The session with the simulated patient (who breathes and cries and coughs) was a lot of fun. […]


12 November 2007

The temperature has begun to drop, and starting the day with a 30 minutes walk in the cold is not all that great.
Forecastfox told me that this morning that the temperature was 0°C but I had to make that walk over to the hospital. I didn’t want to be late since it was my first […]

Incoming Link

12 November 2007

I’m not one for blog whoring (well, not anymore) and don’t really pay much attention to my traffic stats. But when I logged on to my wordpress dashboard 10 minutes ago, I saw something that made my eye pop.

Uhmm… Why would I have an incoming link from Malaysiakini? O_O

Reminding Myself

11 November 2007

As I said before, it was difficult yesterday… but when I read the news report on thestar online, I find that I am on an uphill struggle.
From this article…
The people should reject street demonstrations and effect any change through polls, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Calling the organisers stubborn, he said: “I am disappointed. […]

Clean Up

10 November 2007

My room needs quite a bit of tidying up and the rest of the house would definitely benefit from some dusting and vacuuming. All very important… but there is apparently a more important area that needs cleaning up - the Malaysian electoral system.
A mass rally was organised earlier today (6th November) in the middle of […]

Updating Blogroll

9 November 2007

There was a time when my blogroll was a list of blogs that I found interesting and read on a daily basis, then it evolved to being a list of blog belonging to friends and people I meet during blog meets. It more or less served as a list of bookmarks I could refer to […]

My Books And I

4 November 2007

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with my books, the medical ones, I mean. It is complicated. Having gone through 2 weeks of intensive Paeds teaching, I should really be spending time with my books and notes (surprisingly, I made really neat notes this time ’round, I can actually read my own handwriting).
But uhmmmm… UHHHHHHHhhhhhh…
Oh […]

Goodbye and Hello

1 November 2007

This post is actually 2 weeks late, but as the saying goes, better late than never. ;)
So… My obs and gynae rotation ended two weeks ago, and I’m back in Belfast again.

Last view of the hospital… my bus was coming down the street as I took this picture. (The bus driver must think I’m nuts.)

Took […]