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28 October 2007

I understand that these shows tend exaggerate the situation and terribly bias, but even if only 50% of it is true, I will be utterly disgusted.
I’ve never been to a klinik kesihatan or a government hospital in Malaysia as a patient. However, I have always appreciated the fact that my country offers affordable (RM1!! for […]

Nasi Lemak

20 October 2007

I have strange moods when it comes to food. There are times when I dread cooking so much, I try to survive on tea and toast, there are times when I crave for instant noodles and there are times when I go crazy cooking. And when I get into my cooking mood, I can spend […]

Keeping This Alive

13 October 2007

I get these spells of nothing-ness when it comes to blogging, and this is obviously one of them. I have loads of photos I can post and other happenings that I can write about… but I just don’t feel like it.
This is a pointless post just to keep my blog alive.
Oh yeah, to the ^%*&^% […]

One over, one more to go

10 October 2007

And the one that’s over went alright. :)
I’m talking about my Obs & Gynae exams. There’s one in the hospital we’re each based in and another where all of us have it in the main hospital. One is more on clinical skills while the other is more theory based, no prizes for guessing which is […]


5 October 2007

I’ve got an interesting right ankle… it is bigger than the left one.
‘Cos of sheer daftness.
I tripped and twisted it on the way out yesterday evening, and while hobbling back later, I twisted it at the same spot again. I think I sprained it. Tell me it is daft.
The only thing that can trump this […]

Wards, Clinics, Theatres, Deliveries

3 October 2007

That’s mostly what happens in Obs & Gynae and I am liking all of them. I started off thinking I wouldn’t like the posting at all, progressed to liking the Obs bit and now, I like the whole lot. I’ve got a slight problem though… Having seen prolapse after prolapse in clinic, I’m dead scared […]