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Caught A Bug

28 September 2007

Yes, I have.
It’s the weekend and I am going to Dublin with 2 of my housemates. All’s fine and dandy, apart from the fact that my nose and throat — one is blocked and sneezy, the other is scratchy. Not the best time for them to act up, if you ask me…
Not much of an […]

Headache Inducing

22 September 2007

I know I’m terribly late with posting this link, but I have only found time to look at it this weekend… and decided to put it up here. Anyway, this is an interview BBC did with the Malaysian foreign minister, and it is headache-inducing. Get your paracetemol ready, alright? ;)

Babies-A-Plenty II — Sleep Deprivation

21 September 2007

There’s something about babies and me. Firstly, I have crappy luck with them. Secondly, they really don’t like appearing in the daytime when I’m in the delivery suite (daytime when I’m not around is fine). Thirdly, it doesn’t matter what parity their mums are, they take a long time to make an appearance when I’m […]


13 September 2007

I’ve got a good reason for not keeping Rantings updated and it is all in the topic. I am away in Craigavon during the week for my Obs & Gynae posting, and the only way I can get internet access is from the medical education centre (MEC) in the hospital… and firewalls are a pain. […]

Good Dinner

9 September 2007

… with good friends, ahh… the joys in life…

L to R: Korah, Harpie, Me, Andrea

L to R: Korah, Andrea, Finn

Harpie & I
A group of us went out for dinner at King’s Head on Friday evening. :) One of those dressy dinner things, the only problem is that I only realised that it was a dressy […]

Three Months

8 September 2007

Has it been 3 months already? It is amazing how time flies, isn’t it?
Have I gotten over it? No. Have I come to terms with it? Yes, I have. Do I still think about her? Of course I do.
This post came about because I was talking to J (well, was chastising him about forgetting […]

Belated Birthday

7 September 2007

I have been away for a little too long, so much so that I didn’t put up a birthday message for myself and Rantings. Yes, we share the same birthday because Rantings was set up on my birthday 3 years ago.
This is an obligatory belated birthday message…
Happy belated birthday to me!!! I turned 23 on […]

First Week

2 September 2007

The first week of school is finally over. Nevermind that Monday’s briefing was dotted with how 4th year is a build up to final year and how everything is all important and they even threw in a little bits and pieces about foundation applications, the fact that I am in my 4th year only dawned […]