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Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!!

31 August 2007

Half a century may not seem a significantly long time for a country, but it sure is something (and 50 is a nice number too!)… Although the East Malaysians will argue that is it 44 (and should be celebrated on 16th Sept), I’m West Malaysian, and I like 50 better than 44. LOL…
Happy Birthday, Malaysia…
Some […]

There And Back

29 August 2007

Nono, I’m not back in Malaysia…
Remember I mentioned that my first posting is in Craigavon? Well, a friend gave me a lift over yesterday evening and I came back again this afternoon. Accommodations there are a lot better than I expected and everything seems to be going well for now. Only thing is that there […]

Like I Never Left

26 August 2007

It is strange… I have been away for 2 months, well, 2 months and a day, actually… And it feels like I’ve never left!!!
I don’t know where my holiday disappeared to, but it sure isn’t coming back. Sigh…

Safe and Sound

24 August 2007

Yes, in Belfast.
I’m tired… I should get some sleep.

Journey - Good & Bad

24 August 2007

Composed on the flight and posted while in transit in London
Time: 12.15pm
Location: 11600m above sea level, 2000km from London, somewhere in Russia
Approximately 2hrs and 30 min before I arrive in London Heathrow (and start on a 4hrs wait for transit since the flight time is going to be shorter than expected and the planned 3hrs […]

See You In Four Months

24 August 2007

Woke up super early (earlier than my SG-school-going days), sorted out a minor fire-related panic (uh.. will blog about this another time), got through a very familiar kind of traffic (once again, from my school-going days), dropped my bags off (all 35kg of it… I am allowed 40 now, 20 later, so there’s excess baggage […]

Flying Off

23 August 2007

This time tomorrow, I will be in UK, most likely having just cleared immigration and customs, walking over to another terminal to check in for my next flight.
Two months have passed… really quickly. I have had a good long break and really don’t feel like getting back to work. But I guess it is time […]

Last 2 Days

22 August 2007

No, I’m not a happy child. Leave me alone. *sob*

New Place and Associated Anxiety

20 August 2007

There was a time, not too long ago, when I was plagued with anxiety about going to a new place, studying in a different university, joining a new cohort. I didn’t really know what to expect, or what to bring or send. Packing and making arrangements was a major pain.
Over time, I found that […]


17 August 2007

One of my housemates, Boo*, called me a little while ago… and I heard the Irish accent for the first time in almost 2 months. The first thing that came to mind was, “Uhhh… since when did the Irish accent become so difficult to make out?”. He, on the other hand, thinks my Malaysian accent […]

The Dreaded Countdown II

16 August 2007

Down to a week…
Well, I should start packing, shouldn’t I?

Chemicals and Tongs

15 August 2007

Yes. I straightened my hair… again. Yes. It is kinda flat and volume-less.
It should be alright in a week or so… and I now have hair that is soooo much easier to manage than my normal one is. So, life is good in YP-land.

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