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Blogathon Aftermath III: A Proper Reflection

30 July 2007

This is the third ‘thon-aftermath post, and nothing substantial has come out from me yet, and I’m determined to make this different. Before you get ’round to reading this post, do pop over to the blogathon website and pledge toward our cause. You can still pledge for another day or so. It’s for the Malaysian Mental Health Association, a truly worthy cause, if you ask me. :)

At this point, I have not planned this post, so have no idea what I would have written (typed?) by the time I click on the publish button.

Here it is! :) “What would I have said by the time I click you, Mr Publish-button?”

Oh yes, before I get started, I would like to apologise to all those people who my over-pinging of PPS affected during the course of the blogathon. I had completely forgotten that there would be that many posts during those 24 hours and had turned on the auto-pinger plugin on Walk On By. I am sure some of you found it terribly irritating, I am very sorry.

I’ve finished the post, took me 3 hours and it all turned out pretty long. I’m going to use the “click to read more” function. Do click it. ;)

Moving right along…

The Paradox
During blogathon, time is passing too slowly, yet there isn’t enough time. You hit a point where you feel really sleepy and all you want to do it get into bed, and sleep, so you wish the 24 hours will pass really quickly. At the same time, the clock is ticking away and the time to post is fast approaching and you’re barely halfway through your next post and you’re panicking and you want time to slow down! This was especially true when I was doing the more serious mental health posts. When I was typing “Suicide and Deliberate Self-Harm II“, I thought I was going to run out of time. It was almost 20 hours into the blogathon, my brain was malfunctioning, my eyes weren’t working very well but they had to work together to digest everything I was reading from my book and the internet references. My fingers were flying across the
keyboard and making the most random typing mistakes and my already overworked and malfunctioning brain and eyes had to catch those mistakes and correct them. Adium was jumping on my dock, messages “demanding” to be answered (ok, no one was pressing me for a response since most people knew I was doing a blogathon and they were actually sending encouraging messages, but that adium bird-like icon just won’t stop jumping!) I thought I wasn’t going to make it in time and was muttering gibberish to myself… well, I did it, with 4 minutes to go, no less. Phew… Then I thought to myself, “4 more hours, 9 more posts. Almost there, but not there yet… Awww.. Come on!!! When will 9pm get here?!?” You tell me, isn’t that a paradox?

The Lazy Bum
Yes, me. Edrei told me beforehand that with a post every half an hour, it basically meant that I will be typing a new post every 20 minutes (and that’s excluding pictures). When he said in passing that he had planned what he was going to write, I told myself, “Yee Pei, you better think about what you are going to post, and have at least 15 topics thought out and listed on a piece of paper before Saturday.” However, the procrastinator in me took charge and told the more rationale side of me that it was absolutely fine and that I would be alright. I should ALWAYS listen to my rationale self. If anyone read my blogathon posts, how many random short posts with me whining about not knowing what to post did you see? Sheena calls them my ocipala posts. Thank goodness for my co-bloggers, Jinny and Jeyadev, otherwise, the blog will be filled with these ocipala posts! Next blogathon, I must plan beforehand, maybe take a few pictures in advance too!

Being Spontaneous
Since I didn’t do much planning, everything had to be about being spontaneous and creative. Most of the idea for my posts came up an hour or two before I got them up, which means I didn’t do much pre-writing. (Publishing and changing the posting time is against the rule, writing before the blogathon starts is also against the rules, but blogathon-ers are allowed to compose our posts in advance once the blogathon starts, as long as we can find time in between posts, so that when our brains are no longer working late into the blogathon, we can still post.) I think I had less than 10 posts that were composed way before the posting time. Mainly the more serious ones where I had to post, pause, think, brain gets saturated, move on to next topic, come back, add more… or the ones that were really difficult to write, some of the Val ones. You know what I mean. Alright, I’m going OT.

Spontaneity. Yes. Did you know that the “Tools of The Trade” series was only thought of at 10.20pm, and the first of the series went up at 10.28pm, including a picture! Well, I had gone downstairs, filled up the bottle, came back up, sat it on my table and was wondering what to post when I turned around and noticed tog-tog sitting next to the bottle of water, both of them making a nice picture right in front of the hi-fi. The light bulb in my head went on… and I had a little “series” which translated to 8 posts of the 49 (well, I had more than 49 in the end). That also introduced tog-tog to blogathon, which I thought was a really nice touch. Here’s the pic again…

And of course, like I mentioned in “The Headache“, it was only then that I thought of doing “Why The CHiQen Left“. Yes, I was thinking as I typed those words “Come to think of it…” I’ll admit it. It was a very difficult post to write, maybe the most difficult of the lot, but I think it turned out to be an alright post, more or less conveyed the message. Having said that, I understand that some people might not be ready to read it just yet.

Proves a point though… Spontaneity is can be a good thing too! Although it can be pretty risky at times. Heehee… (But if you’ve been a lazy bum, that’s all you can depend on.)

Having Company ROXX!
I had a team, and that was great! Knowing that I can relax and leave the hard core blogging to someone else while I put up my silly little posts really takes the pressure off. And of course, being able to run off to long showers is a plus. Most importantly, there were some emotionally taxing posts, and having friends who are going through the same thing with me really helped. Thanks, guys!!!

Having other ‘thon-ers around in the IRC chatroom and listening to BE’s Blogathon Radio helped too! Very good for the morale, I tell you. *grumble about missing interview..bleah* Everyone got a little crazy at about the same time, people were cheering each other on… all great. :)

And of course, all those encouraging SMSes, MSN messages and comments that were coming in were WONDERFUL! It is always great when people around you are being supportive. Mummy timing the meals around my blogathon schedule is great as well. “Mummy, can we have lunch at 12.30 please? I’ll publish my post and have lunch, then go back in time to post my 1pm post… ok?” *grin* All good.

If you are considering doing blogathon next year, make sure that you have great friends, supportive family, join the blogathon channel and listen to a blogathon radio station! All of it helps!!!

Showers Are Your Best Friends
I had a total of 5 showers and no coffee or tea during those 24 hours and they were really useful. I looked at the pictures I took and I think I look fresher further into the blogathon than I did in the beginning. Let’s see…

In the very beginning…

4 hours on… yaaawwwwnnnn

8 hours on…

15 hours on…

20 hours on…

23 hours on…

I should have taken a photo at 24 hours, but I was too excited to think properly AND plan for an “aftermath” post… and er… I seldom plan my posts, remember? :P

Well, Grace says that it could be due to the time of the day and the daylight may have made the difference. Heehee.. I guess that is true too! But I’m putting my bet on showers, lots of showers. I recommend cold ones, cold shower and straight into a cold cold air-conditioned room, very good for staying up.

How About Next Year?
Notice how I skipped the “will you be doing this next year” question? ;)

1. I don’t know whether I will be doing it for the same charity. Mental health has always been an issue close to my heart, and I do think there needs to be greater awareness in Malaysia.

2. I will most probably try to do it alone rather than group blog. This is not because I didn’t enjoy this year’s experience, but I do want to try something slightly different next year. It may be a good idea to get a few friends (J? Jinny?) to blog together, for the same charity, but each on our own individual blogs. Then, we’ll have the company and the new experience. We can even plan series related posts inter-blog!

3. I must do more planning beforehand.

4. If time permits, I want to be more actively involved in 2008’s ‘thon. It will most probably be my last one, since I start work in 2009. By more actively involved, I not only mean both before the ‘thon and during (in blogathon games and such).

5. Well, there is no number 5, just that I like lists of 5s better than lists of 4s. :P

A Little Bling-Bling To Show


And now have this banner to show too!

Both designed by Edrei

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  1. dobbs said,

    on July 30th, 2007 at 11:56 pm

    Congratulations on a job well done! I know some of the posts had to be difficult for you, but they got the message through. So proud of you *hugs*

  2. Yee Pei said,

    on July 31st, 2007 at 12:07 am

    Thanks, dobbs. :D

  3. Jinny said,

    on July 31st, 2007 at 3:32 am

    we did it we did it!

    err… next year’s ‘thon? have to see first :P I might either
    1) Doing my PhD
    2) Working

    So have to see first lah

  4. pelf said,

    on August 2nd, 2007 at 7:47 am

    Seriously, I’d love to do it again next year, but we shall see how.. And yes, prior planning is very important :)

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