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A Little Bit Of History

31 July 2007

I have said on several occasions that I first started blogging on another friend’s blog, back in 2000 but I have been having trouble locating his archives and my first ever blogpost. But… *drum roll*… I’ve found it!!! Yay!!! I was an irritating 16 years old back then, and reading my old posts, I actually […]

I Am Missing Out On Something

31 July 2007

Alright, whoever you are… own up and share your wonderful money making skills.
PETALING JAYA: Pengendali dan penulis blog dibiaya organisasi luar negara hingga mencecah RM100,000 sebulan, kata Ketua Penerangan Umno, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib.
RM100K… which blogger is it? Come on, share lah!!! Don’t be so selfish!!! I mean, this must be true right? […]

Forth Year Postings

31 July 2007

24 days before I head back to Belfast, needless to say, I am not very happy with the clock for ticking so quickly. Arrrrggghhh… “Hey!! Mr. Clock, you hang in there for a bit, tell your boss Mr. Time to slow down!!!” Those two are really getting on my nerves, someone should have taught them […]

Blogathon Aftermath III: A Proper Reflection

30 July 2007

This is the third ‘thon-aftermath post, and nothing substantial has come out from me yet, and I’m determined to make this different. Before you get ’round to reading this post, do pop over to the blogathon website and pledge toward our cause. You can still pledge for another day or so. It’s for the Malaysian […]

Blogathon Aftermath II

30 July 2007

I finally got to bed around 10pm… and I was up at 7.30am this morning. Errr… weird? Ya. I think so too! :P

Blogathon Aftermath

29 July 2007

We successfully completed blogathon!!! YAY!!! I should have so much to say right? I mean… it’s my first blogathon and all. But strangely enough, I just want to get some sleep… my eyes hurt when I close them, that’s why I’m still around. Anyone has a solution for that?
Oh yeah, if you haven’t been following […]

24 hours to 24 hours…

27 July 2007

… of blogging.
I still don’t know what exactly I am going to write about for each and every post… Most post will revolve around Val (since it is in her memory) and around mental health issues. I’ll figure something out in due time, I suppose. Heehee.
In the mean time, these are some other Malaysian Blogathon-ers:
1. […]

Finished At Last

25 July 2007

I’m talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
I don’t believe in pre-ordering books, and definitely was not interested in joining long queues in the wee hours of the morning. So… I didn’t have a copy of the book waiting for me come 21st July and you can imagine the horror when I found out […]

Good Question

24 July 2007

Liberated posted a very interesting question in my previous blogpost, “and that would appeal for donation?”
Yes, he was talking about Blogathon, and whether 24 hours continuous blogging will encourage people to pledge towards my cause. I really don’t know the answer to that question. Does that make me pretty silly since I just might be […]

Blogathon 2007 - Walk On By

23 July 2007

Despite having been blogging for a number of years, I have never participated in Blogathon. I have watched my friends blog, I have pledged… but I have never been a blogger. This year is going to be different. I will be blogging in Blogathon 2007, with Jeyadev and Jinny over at Walk On By, in […]


22 July 2007

Two more days and exactly a month of my two months home will be over. SIGH… Time really flies, doesn’t it?
Part of me is wishing time won’t pass so quickly, so I will have more time to bum around at home and enjoy good Malaysian food. The other part of me don’t like this lazy […]

A Minor Addiction

19 July 2007

That led to this…
61%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
Free Online Dating from Mingle2
I am alright, I think. No where near as “bad” as Wilfulsunflower (with 65%) or Sheena (with 72%). Heehee… I suddenly remember a certain blog addiction interview… HRRRMMMM…. I am soooo not a true addict… right??? *grin*

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