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Will you consider…

29 June 2007

“Two more years hor… aiyo, you’re in UK and your brother is in US. You all plan to come home or not huh? Where do you plan to work? Will you even consider working in Malaysia?”
- Numerous Aunties

Interesting question, isn’t it? And an even more interesting way of phrasing it! The question is not about […]

Summer break so far

27 June 2007

It’s my 4th day at home and what have I been up to apart from being upset with the heat and going to the hospital? I daresay I’ve been pretty productive. Checking things off my foodlist, and adding to it as I go along.. so far, on top of Mummy’s great soups, I’ve had Mee […]


26 June 2007

I remember hearing the announcement about the weather when we landed in Changi on Sunday evening, something along the lines of the temperature being 31 degrees celsius. Instantly, you could see the home-going students cringe, and the holiday-making Caucasians smile. Stepping out of the airport, the first thing that hit me was the humidity, and […]

Being a medic

25 June 2007

Somehow, when you’re a medical student, relatives expects you to magically know all things medical, from the hundreds of illnesses your relatives (and their friends) may or may not be afflicted with, to their treatment, to the random syringe of stuff someone was jabbed with. Have I ever written about this before?? I know Vagus […]

I’m Home!!!

24 June 2007

Yes, I am.
‘Nuff said.

On The Way Home

23 June 2007

I’m in Heathrow airport, waiting for the flight to Changi…
No, actually, I’m waiting for the boarding gate to be announced.

Nerve Wrecking Wait

22 June 2007

I have never been as unsure of myself as I am during this exam. I guess it is because with the recent happenings, I found it difficult to concentrate while revising, and there were even times when my mind was drifting during the exam itself. With 5 minutes stations, the lack of concentration is one […]

Time to Start Panicking

21 June 2007

I’m going home on Saturday afternoon but there’s so much more to do!
1. Laundry — I’m not a fan of leaving dirty laundry for days on end, so a week’s worth of dirty clothes sitting around for 2 months is definitely a no-no. We don’t have a dryer, haven’t got round to getting oil for […]

Back online

20 June 2007

Ahhh…. at long last the internet connection in my new house is up. :D


19 June 2007

I’m not happy.
I don’t know why. Well, maybe I do… but really, I don’t really know if I’m feeling the way I am because of what I think the trigger is. Highly disturbing.
To make matters worse, I’m not the only one in the house in a crappy mood. I don’t think it’s either of our […]


18 June 2007

Who is he??? What is with him and personality? Q? L? T? 16PF?? Argh. Why didn’t they just stick to asking about Freud???
Well, whatever…
Exams are over..and that’s good enough news! :D

OSCE again

14 June 2007

Erm. Uh. Ya. Dun ask.
I went through the FBP, and thought to myself, hypochromic microcytic, Fe-def…. but when the examiner asked me.. I said.. “errmmm.. B12/Folate def?” followed by “nono… sorry.. Fe-def” but by then, I’m sure he’s already ticked the ‘0′ column. :( :(
Not a happy child.. I am soooo not a happy child.
On […]

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