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Brain Block

31 May 2007

I am not on a self-imposed blogging hiatus… I have not been updating because I seem to have problems writing. There were many different topics that I had planned to write on over the past week, but I cannot seem to put things down in words.
I wanted to write about my flatmates, who I have […]

Hating It

28 May 2007

I’m supposed to have covered all the pathology I need in IMU… but I don’t recall a thing, and to make matters worse, everything seems kinda foreign to me as well.
This is not good… not good at all. I’m starting to feel terribly stressed up… NOT GOOD.
I’m going into hiding.


27 May 2007

While other undergraduates in my uni are preparing for their last paper and looking forward to a 4 months long summer holiday, my exams have barely started and my holidays will be half that of theirs. I am less than 50% ready for my exams, and the first paper is about 2 weeks away. I […]

Ethnic Catch Phrase

21 May 2007

Everyone should watch this. Terribly hilarious… my tummy hurts from all the laughing
Harps and Ray are STILL laughing…

Strange Daylight

20 May 2007

It took me a long while to get used to the sun disappearing before 5pm during winter and it is equally difficult getting used to the much longer daylight. 4.30am and it looks like it’s dawn, and I find myself having dinner at 9pm with the bright daylight. For the girl born and bred in […]


18 May 2007

Time and time again, people have complained that life is unfair, and yes, I agree. However, the piece of news I got yesterday brought this “unfairness” to a new height. As much as the terrible things around us make life a pain, all we can do is to be strong and move on.


16 May 2007

Yes, my blog got a makeover.
Then JF told me a piece of news…
I will continue with the makeover after I’ve recovered.

This whole falling sick thing

16 May 2007

is really irritating.
Ever since coming here, it’s like my immune system took long long holiday. Every slight change of climate, I’m huddled up in bed. It always starts with a throbbing headache the day before, then a very blocked nose, and massive shivering in bed. Brrr…
Tomorrow, I’ll have a yucky running nose. :(

Mothers’ Day

12 May 2007

Mothers’ Day in UK is in March, but Mothers’ Day in Malaysia is the second Sunday of May (today). I had originally set out to write about my Mummy, but I just can’t seem to put everything down in words.
I know I’m not the best daughter, and I sure hope my daughter will not be […]

What do I wanna do?

11 May 2007

Palmdoc blogged about the Medical Specialty Aptitude Test
. I didn’t complete it the first time he blogged about it ‘cos it is 130 questions long! (And I’m not that big a fan of these kind of things.) Managed to complete it this time ’round, and here’s the result!
Rank Specialty Score
1 endocrinology 43
2 allergy […]

The Countdown Begins

10 May 2007

New house agreement starts on 1st June (assuming we get the house)
Halls contract ends 8th June
Exams start 11th June
Exams end 18th June
As important as the above dates may be, I’m not counting down to any of them…
I called SIA and got my flight home sorted out.
1 month 14 […]

World Red Cross Day

8 May 2007

I was in the Red Cross from 9 to 19 (or so, can’t remember exactly when I left because of studies), and although it has been quite a few years since I wore the uniform (link, cadet or HQ) or celebrated WRCD, I still think of 8th May as a significant day.
Here’s how much little […]

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