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Vicious Cycle

26 April 2007

I’m glad Malaysian Night’s over *insert huge sigh of relief* but something happened during the ticket sales period that got me thinking…
It was a phone conversation between me and someone from a previous committee, who had been saying he did not know whether he wanted to go for the function.
Him: “It is alright lah… […]

Trip To Ireland

16 April 2007

Last Thursday, Harp & I missed our favourite Paddy so much, we went looking for the Leprechaun down south. In the 4 days we were there, I learnt more about Irish history and culture than I ever did in Northern Ireland this last 7 months! We went to the site of the Battle of the […]

Still Alive

15 April 2007

Yes, yes… I’m still very much alive. Just got back from Ireland this evening, and I have got loads of pictures from that trip on my computer. I’ll put them up when I’m more awake, OK?
This post serves mainly to tell everyone that I’m still alive and kicking…

Another place to play

8 April 2007

Thanks to Palmdoc, I’ve found another “place to play”… is a social networking tool for bloggers, not unlike Friendster or Facebook or Bebo or Hi5, but it is very bloggers based. Do take a look when you find time. :)
I’m looking to add the “Recent Readers” widget to Rantings, but as you most probably […]

Finals Countdown

3 April 2007

I noticed that xiaozhai posted a youtube videoclip of an Amateur Transplant song and remembered the one I have on my computer. Here it is…

Palmdoc has another song on embryology up on MMR.
Mmm… uhh… yeah… nerd.

Noise at 4am

2 April 2007

The thing about living in halls stuck in the middle of a students’ street is that students have house parties. ‘Cos I stay in a postgrad halls with decent, mature people, we are seldom the source of trouble. Now, one of the houses right across the street is another thing altogether. 3 different house parties […]


1 April 2007

Bah. Akismet managed to block 1373 spam… in ONE NIGHT. And it isn’t even the most it has blocked in a single night on this blog. MADNESS!!!