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Tagged II: My name in my domain

30 March 2007

I was tagged by in the my-name-in-my-domian meme. Here’s what it’s about…
1) Write a short introduction paragraph about how you found the List and include a link to the blog that referred you to the List.
2) COPY the ENTIRE List below and add it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount […]

Sick feeling

23 March 2007

I’ve got a sick feeling in my stomach, and it’s been there the entire night… I’m more than willing to tell people what happened if you ask me in private. But all in all… last night’s ongoings made me feel very violated.

Entirely Normal

23 March 2007

I am! I am! Somehow… Linda doesn’t think so and have this strange idea that there are at least 6 weird things about me I can write about. O_o I wonder what made her think so… HRRRRRRMMMmmmmmm….. *ponders* Ok, here goes!!!
1. I like Kinder Surprise — Ya, like as in present tense… but I don’t […]


21 March 2007

Lindabinda tagged me… and while I think I’m entirely normal, I am sure being “normal” is subjective. I’ll do the tag, Linda… but it’ll have to wait till this weekend, OK? Life’s kinda busy with general medicine OSCE right now. :)

Long weekend

20 March 2007

It’s over, aye, so it is…
It was St Patrick’s day weekend, and I’m trying to pick up the lingo. :P
Anyway, it’s over and I’ve got 2 OSCEs coming up this week. I’d love to say I spent my 3 days weekend studying, but everyone will know I’m lying… I haven’t been. I tried, but I […]

Temperamental Weather

18 March 2007

15 minutes of snow and strong wind… 15 minutes of sunshine and clear blue sky… 15 minutes of snow and strong wind…
The 2 extremes just keep alternating since this morning. And now there’s even a bit of thunder.
Welcome to Belfast.

I Not Stupid

17 March 2007

I found this quiz on Kah Yee’s blog and decided to have a go at it. It was a safe try since there’s no “stupid” or “dumb” option. *grin* Oh ya, I’ve also added Kah Yee to my med peepz links! Another blog to help me keep in touch with the Sban gang’s news. Wonderful!!!

“Intellectually” […]

Spring Cleaning

17 March 2007

I think spring’s here… although in Belfast, you can never tell, especially with the snow forecast in the next few days.
Anyway, I decided to do a little spring cleaning on my blog and get rid of outdated blog links and update those that need updating. Let me know if you spot any broken links, ok?
(Yeah, […]

Picking up the pen

13 March 2007

It’s been a long time since I last wrote anything with a pen. I don’t mean filling up forms or writing short answers/notes for school, but pages and pages of writing. The last time I wrote anything longer than a page must have been during A levels! Then along came general medicine posting with its […]


9 March 2007

I have never been one for remembering dates. Somehow this particular one is different. It’s been 3 years.

Once in a red moon

4 March 2007

There was a total lunar eclipse… and I got to see it!
All started with someone who called someone who called me while I was watching a dvd with some of the other girls. Looked out the window and it sure didn’t look exciting behind a window… told the girls in the common room and […]