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Bloground XVI

28 February 2007

The following post is part of the blogrounds series on MMR.
Since we’re still within the 15 days of Chinese New Year celebrations, I’ll start off with a big HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! And in all good traditions of blogrounds, thank you to all who nominated me for this bloground.
As Chinese New Year break comes […]

Really shouldn’t be blogging

25 February 2007

I’ve got a case report to finish writing by tomorrow and in the unlikely event that I make the dateline, I should be reading blogs for a certain post I agreed to write (by Wednesday, I think) I really shouldn’t be blogging… but I am.
Flew to London on Thursday night to meet Mummy, and made […]

Tong Tong Chiang

20 February 2007

Friends here looked at me in disbelief when I explained that I don’t celebrate Christmas and their expression was mirrored when friends and relatives back home got to know that I will not be home for CNY and that I will not have holidays during that time.
This is the first year I am spending […]

Happy CNY

17 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!! 恭喜发财!!!

Reaching a new height

16 February 2007

Found this on youtube…

With CNY just around the corner, my homesickness has reached a new height.
Well, enough of sad posts, I should really post something happier. Mmm… maybe later today.

Upsetting memories

13 February 2007

I’m upset (and I’m not the only one) and I miss my friends from back home (many who are spread out all over the world). I blame this entirely on Chye Teck, for two reasons.
1. He went and posted a video clip on his blog, which brought back memories and led me to go searching […]

Malaysian Mindsets

11 February 2007

I had always thought that education will make a person more open minded, make him more receptive to new ideas and more accommodating to people who are different. I had always thought that the solution to the racial problems we have, is first and foremost, education. I admit (once again) to being naive.
I look at […]

Confusing Days

10 February 2007

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you not to lie? But situations in life sometimes force you to right? And the little sin now and then does help make things better occasionally, right?
Well, a “little lie” got my group into a mess (and evenings of hard work) 2 days ago…
We all […]

Emperor’s New Clothes II

5 February 2007

The second week of general medicine has just started and with that, comes the long Monday and the lunchtime radiology meeting. After last week’s experience, I thought no one would go for the meetings this week, but somehow, everyone did. O_o No, I couldn’t understand why I went either!
This time around, the less intelligent one […]