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Emperor’s New Clothes

29 January 2007

General medicine started today, and it seems like this semester is not going to be as laid back as the previous one. The general impression is that this rotation is a lot better organised that its surgical counterpart… and a lot more demanding too! *gulp*
There was an X-ray meeting today, that we were “encouraged […]

Another weekend away

26 January 2007

I’m going off again.
This time ’round, to London for the UKEC January Council meeting. It is a 2 days long meeting, to discuss various issues affecting Malaysian students in UK and Eire. I will most probably come back 100% drained of energy, just the right note to start a new semester on, don’t you […]

Getting back into the swing of things

25 January 2007

That is so not happening. Since getting back from Switzerland, I have been staying in bed till at least 11am and I don’t feel even a tinge of guilt. My room needs packing, my desk needs to be cleared, but I’d rather move my MBP on to the bed than to clear my desk.
Yes, […]

Post-Exam Break

24 January 2007

*Warning* Lotsa pictures.
I had my last paper on Thursday and rushed off on Friday morning with Shie Ling for a weekend away. I got to spend time with 9 wonderful people. The group of 10 was a really interesting mix. 2 Swiss, 2 Maltesians, 1 Austrian, 1 Norwegian, 1 Indian, 1 Finnish and 2 Malaysians.

Not […]

Disastrous exam II

18 January 2007

MCQ, 20 cases 20 diagnoses. I don’t know how everyone else managed it, it is a major guessing game for me.
History - Stop short a few times ‘cos stuck ‘cos not used to not being able to scribble, forgot quite a few things as well.. *grave dug*
Peripheral pulses - Blanked out. Don’t ask. $%*^£@ […]


14 January 2007

Here’s a picture of the window sill in my kitchen…

*puts on uber innocent face* I’m innocent, I don’t know how they got there. Really.

Clinic Panics

13 January 2007

Most of us have done stupid things somewhere during our student life and as medics, it’s more often than not related to clinical skills. Like Xiao said, “stressful situations, diff la…” and yup, it is definitely the pressure that got us doing ridiculous things. I was reading Jimbo’s posts on exam bloopers and decided to […]

Moving Blues

12 January 2007

It’s one of those rare days when I wanted to put something up on M203 Diary but I couldn’t do it. Little technical issue… Seems like one of the admins (and that blog has quite a few too) has switched over to the new blogger, bringing Diary with him. I can’t swch to the new […]

Lack of direction

11 January 2007

of this blog, I mean.
Friends who have only recently found out that I’ve got a blog asked me, “Oh! You blog? What do you write about?” and I find myself thinking, “So… what do I write about?”
I have got multiple categories on this blog, but most things fall into “Random Stuff”, because really, they are […]

Disastrous exam

9 January 2007

Musculoskeletal and ophthalmology OSCE today was disastrous and it wasn’t because I don’t know how to do the physical examination or how to answer the questions. It was because I knew how to, yet couldn’t do it properly. Yes, I freaked out.
Someone commented that OSCE is like a performance. Right now, I feel like […]


6 January 2007

We were on our way to the airport on Tuesday evening when my brother commented*,
“IMU was good for you.”And he was right.
Since coming to Belfast, there has had been various occasions where I find myself thinking back and being very thankful for the 30 months I spent in Bukit Jalil. I’m not only talking about […]

Arrived, safe and sound

3 January 2007

I’m back in gloomy-ol-Belfast. The trip back sucks big time, a lot of waiting, rushing and nearly missing flights. Damn the holiday season and next time, remind me that I don’t want to fly during the mother of all peak periods and if I really have to fly during this time, I don’t want to […]

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