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Baa Baaaaa

30 November 2006

“Medical students are like sheep,” a groupmate commented this morning.
We walk around in herds, we follow the consultant/reg/SHO/ whoever-is-willing-to-teach-us, and we’re in our white coats. We give such silly answers we might as well have been going “baaaaa… baaaaaa”
Thank goodness we don’t eat grass.. :P

Poor Giraffe

29 November 2006

Do you have problems remembering the 5 stages of grief? If you do, you’ll most probably find this useful. Heehee…

A big thank you to Chow for showing this to me.
I linked the group blog he has with his batchmates, no idea if he’s got his own blog.


29 November 2006

It’s almost the end of my 2 weeks dermatology posting and I’ll be going on to opthalmology after this. Yes, a little more than 2 weeks before the semester ends. A few hurdles that I’ll have to get pass before I can go home for holidays (cum study break, bleh!) There’s the SSC essay to […]

Good News

27 November 2006

After more than a week of being a coward, I found enough courage to go to the office and get my ENT results at last. I’m glad I did. I’m in such a wonderful mood, it’ll take quite a bit to spoil it right now.

What’s cooking?

26 November 2006

Many of us “pampered kids” never ever have to cook at home and somehow we end up living away from Mummy’s and Daddy’s cooking and have to start preparing our own meals. By the way, when I say “cook” I don’t mean instant noodles or pasta.
When I was in KL, Jacq and I would cook […]

Dark Skies

23 November 2006

The alarm on your phone goes off, it’s been made to snooze repeatedly. You look out the window, you bury yourself deeper into your bed, plushy pillows and soft duvet.
The alarm goes off again, you look at the time… #$*%(@ You’ve got less than 20 minutes to have breakfast, get dressed and head to the […]

Moving on and on

20 November 2006

“I can’t decide whether time has passed quickly or slowly. Looking back at the first day of general surgery, it seems a lifetime away, but we get through our rotations so quickly!” - A coursemate
I’ve moved on from my 4 weeks in Musculoskeletal to Dermatology. 5 different postings this semester and I’m already on my […]

Up into the mountains

18 November 2006

Last Sunday, a group of us went trekking in Cave Hill Country Park. I touched on the trip here, but looking at the photos, I thought I had better give the trip more credit and give it a proper blog post.
We were supposed to leave at 10am since it will take 15 minutes to walk […]

In a month’s time…

17 November 2006

… I’ll be flying home for a short break.


14 November 2006

I was looking at the weather forecast on Bloglines…

*packs umbrella*


Unfit II

13 November 2006

I don’t know what came over me.
I woke up aching from the previous day’s gym session, any sane person would have spent the day lazing around at home, whining about aching muscles. Somehow, my brain decided that I should go trekking with my friends, and off we went to Belfast Castle and Cavehill Country […]


12 November 2006

Finally dragged my lazy bum to the gym yesterday afternoon (after a meal of nasi lemak, sambal, curry and salad, no less). Compared to the days before I came to Belfast, I feel like the more unfit human being in the world. All the stamina I built up over the few months at home, working […]

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