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Another Hour

29 October 2006

I slept at 2am and I woke up at 8.30am but I slept for 7hrs 30 min.
Yeah, last Sunday of October, so no more British Summer Time (BST) and we’re back to GMT.
Call me jakun but I’m actually very amused by the way this works. But well, I get to sleep an extra […]

Dropping Temperature & Crazy Winds

28 October 2006

Ok guys, it’s going down… the daily temperature range is around 8 to 14 degrees celsius. I’m fine with the temperature, but the wind is such a pain! I walk out of the house nice and ready for the day and by the time I get to my destination, I may as well just go […]

File, chair and lady

26 October 2006

The file on the table was thick and some notes old and yellow, she has been a patient for a long time. She sat in a wheel chair and her husband pushed her in. As she spoke about her pain, you can almost read the hurt on his face.
She had undergone various forms of […]


23 October 2006

I don’t want the week to start.
Musculoskeletal posting? I’m not ready for you yet. No, ENT can’t be over yet. And where has the weekend gone? I’m still tired. I need my weekend!
Gosh, where has the past 2 months gone to? I’m already on my third posting and I’ve only got 5 this semester. […]


20 October 2006

And I blame Grace and Xiao for it.
Grace was blogging about IMU clips on Youtube and I went searching… and I came across the 3 M203 cheerleading videoclips that Xiao did. I watched all 3 of them and the more I watched, the more I miss IMU and my batchmates. People say that there’s no […]

London for the weekend

19 October 2006

I’m going to London for the weekend, and I don’t need to pay for the trip. Doesn’t that sound good? :D

Losing Temper

18 October 2006

I think it is OK to get upset and it is OK to get angry since everyone has something which tends to piss them off.
However, I don’t think it is OK to lose your temper. In fact, no matter the scenario, I think the one who loses his/her temper first and snaps is at […]

Goosebumps inducing

16 October 2006

I am OK with blood and gore and seriously, I haven’t been affected by anything I see in the theatre, until now.
Those ear-related procedures! Brrrr… *shivers* Whether it’s just poking an otoscope into someone’s ear, or watching the SHO clear our earwax with a suction, or removing those trapped cotton buds, or observing a […]


11 October 2006

…are evil things.
The long and short of the story is that I was in the “casualty” cubicle in outpatients again. Surprisingly, the focus of the day wasn’t broken noses, but cottonbuds. (Do people decide when and in what way they want to injure themselves? Or is it just coincidence that you see similar cases on […]

Painful ears, crooked noses and crazy tonsils

10 October 2006

First day of ENT posting and I found myself in outpatients with a very nice doc. :) Always good to have a nice doc who’ll pass you the otoscope and ask the patient “is it alright if she has a look in your ear?”… Sometimes I think it’s asked in such a way that the […]

Back in Belfast

9 October 2006

I’m back! I thought I’ll be tired out from all the travelling, but when I looked at my cosy bed, I didn’t feel sleepy at all. *scratch head* Strange huh… Anyway, my camera is still in my bag so pictures won’t be up just yet. In fact, at the rate I procrastinate my pictures-posting, you […]

Greetings from Glasgow

6 October 2006

Yup. I’m here. The girls are in uni for PBL, so I’m sitting in Zen’s room, taking a break after the 5 hours long journey.
Sansan and Zen went all the way to the train station to meet me (but Zen had to rush off to uni before I got there)… I’m super duper touched… especially […]

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