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2 September 2006


A little reintroduction… I’ve guested here before but it was a loooooong time ago.

I am CHiQ. Self proclaimed yeepei-fan on the mostest mostest. Actually this dear girl is my bestest bestest “lil sis”

Anywhos, since she’s gone and left me all alone here, I’m gonna keep myself busy by helping her bring some life to this place.

I’ve actually been asked to guest here quite some time back. [Sorry babe (T_T)] But since my lil darling sis left, I’ve been actively working my liver to an early grave.

Yes, this is me posting a lil stoned…

…while working…

…and what do people who are stoned while working do…?

They uhm, go out and get themselves a Tamagotchi

His/her name is Artoo and uhm yeah obviously I don’t know anything else yet cos I just got it lar, k?

So here’s my new baby…

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