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Procrastination will kill me

28 September 2006

I’m sure it will.
My case reports are due at noon today, it’s 11.45am and I just got it printed out. I told myself last night that I’ll start working on them on day 1 of my postings next time… but somehow, that seems like a very familiar resolution that I make on the eve of […]

Highly Dependent

23 September 2006

2 days, 2 weeks and now, end of the month… I think most of us are pretty upset with the accomodation office and their different sets of stories about the state of internet connection in my hall. Long ago, internet connection used to be regarded as a luxury, now, it’s more like a necessity!
I get […]

Missing: YP

21 September 2006

I was missing… from the ENT postings list. General surgery posting’s almost ending (2 more weeks) and here I was yesterday, looking up postings for ENT when *gulp* my name was missing!!! Terribly traumatising, kind of feels like you don’t exist… *sob* I’ve since got that sorted out, and unlike the other IMU-ians, I’ll be […]

Different Definitions

18 September 2006

While in Malaysia, we say it’s cool when the temperature is 25 degrees celcius in the daytime and wonder why it’s so cold if it drops below 20. But over here in the faraway land, it’s considered cool at around 15 degrees and ‘OMG WHY IS IT SO HOT’ when it rises to something like […]

Recieved: Parcel 2

15 September 2006

The big yellow van dropped by again! I wasn’t at home though.. and a nice hall-mate collected it for me. Now I have my notes! Life’s wonderful. :D
Now, just waiting for the poslaju-ed one.
Yeah, I know it’s a pointless blog post.. but I just wanted to blog lahhhh

Recieved: Parcel 1

14 September 2006

That nice big yellow van stopped outside my place this morning… and I now have one of my big boxes.
The other box still hasn’t cleared customs, I wonder why. Hmm… that one has my notes, I hope they get through OK. Yeah, I’m one of those people who study from notes and I’m kinda lost […]

Protected: Geramnye (kalau nak password, tanya la)

14 September 2006

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Net-less Me

12 September 2006

Internet access in my room still isn’t sorted out yet. So that sucks. I can’t blog, chat, check emails and forum or look up things. In short, I feel crippled and cut off from the rest of the world. So not helping the homesickness. Bleahz. Geram lah…
Spent the whole of yesterday afternoon in the OT. […]

Away for a while

8 September 2006

I’ve finally moved into my proper room and I think it’s a whole lot nicer than the one I was in for the first 2 weeks. Yes, I have got internet connection in my new room as well. The only problem is that the ethernet cables aren’t here yet… so unless I can find myself […]

Chomp chomp chomp

3 September 2006

The seniors invited us over to their place for steamboat last night… a little get-together thingie. Well, there really isn’t much to say in this post… I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. *grin*

After the steamboat, we were asked to go downstairs to the TV room… and suddenly the seniors appeared with a […]

Artoo day 2

3 September 2006

artoo is a Tamatchi!

I had him paused most of the day, poor baby.
Sigh… if only I could so many other things in life…

Artoo Update!

2 September 2006

Artoo is a Boi!
and omg he is so cute…
ok, more updates later.

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