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Absolutely Strange

31 August 2006

It’s been a great day in a very strange sense. I walked out of my room today and it started raining so in order to get to the hospital on time, I had to take a cab. I was caught in the morning traffic but got their early anyway. When I finally got to the […]

A Little More

30 August 2006

Here’s a little more stuff about what’s been happening for the past week other than “hi, I’m alive”…
I left M’sia on 22nd Aug and got to Belfast on 23rd Aug. Heathrow wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. We had to take off our shoes at the security scan, take the notebook out […]


29 August 2006

This is just a quick one before I rush off. First day of lessons today. I’m safe and sound in Belfast, all’s good. Flight was OK, luggages didn’t disappear into thin air, very little jetlag… registration with the uni yesterday went alright and I’m more or less used to the Irish accent.
Gotta run now… you […]

Three days and counting…

19 August 2006

I know my blog hasn’t been interesting of late and more often than not, there has been no new postings. The best excuse I can think of is that there’s been nothing interesting happening in my life for now, everyday’s spend packing, unpacking and repacking. I’m trying to figure out the best way of bringing […]

Good Direction

14 August 2006

Look at what I woke up to!!!
First it said “UK threat level downgraded”
then it said “The change in the threat level means the ban on taking hand luggage on to flights from the UK has been lifted although some restrictions remain.”
I don’t know what “some restrictions” refer to… but this sure is the best […]

Toys, Old & New

13 August 2006

First things first, I’ve got a new toy. I planned to post a picture of the said toy, but mm… let’s just say that I got malas and I’m in no mood to be putting up pictures right now. I should do that soon, together with pictures of my get-together with my darling RC friends.. […]

Bad News

11 August 2006

I was supposed to come home and blog about what a great day I had, but I came home to 2 bad news and let’s just say that although I had a really good time earlier, I’m in no mood to write about it. I’ll do that, with pics, tomorrow.
In the mean time…
1. Those terrorists […]

Funny Feeling…

7 August 2006

… all the way deep down in my tummy.
Two more weeks to go. I’m freaking out. I just don’t feel ready. Can I back out now? *cries*

Packing Blues

5 August 2006

I’m supposed to have “things to bring”, “things to send first”, “things to send later”… but all I have is one huge pile of “things I want with me in UK”. And I’ve got 17 days to go.
If packing to move home from Vista was horrible, this is 10 times worse. I’m so not in […]

We’re Malaysians…

2 August 2006

… and there are certain things we don’t do, certain things we don’t want to see and certain things the government seeks to protect us from.
1. We don’t hold hands in public, no, we don’t want to see you holding hands either, thank goodness for the government, we’re now protected from that awful sight!
2. We […]

I was told to tell the world…

1 August 2006

… that I recently bought 6 new pair of jeans. 3 blue, 1 dark brown, 1 black and 1 white. Zen asked me to take pictures, but I malas lah.
It’s a wonder how we get attracted to the term “sales”. There was an extra-sales day at the shopping complex near my place, where there’s additional […]