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Matters concerning the palm

30 July 2006

I am not going to write about the 5 metacarpals or any of the muscles, don’t worry, this is not an anatomy-related post. Well, not human anatomy.
With most of my peers having either gone on to the second phase of med school or are going to do so very soon, many of us are getting […]

Crazy Logistics

25 July 2006

What else am I bringing? That’s an interesting question, Sheena. I’ve got a whole list of stuff… ranging from my baju-baju to foodstuff to tide me over those malaysian food craves. My problem is not with what to get from Malaysia to Belfast but what to bring and what to send.
A few things to consider…
1. […]

Grocery Shopping

24 July 2006

With hypermarkets sprouting out all over the place, most families do grocery shoppings in these huge stores that sell just about anything… I find myself in Giant while I’m in JB and in Carrefour while in KL… mostly because these stores are near where I stay. Zen tells me she usually shops in Giant… but […]

New Things

22 July 2006

Elena has got a new (older) brother and a new boyfriend (that her boyfriend bought for her)… Me, I’ve got a new phase of life to look forward to. And this new phase of life will start a month from now.
I have gotten past the “maybe I don’t want to go” stage… I do want […]

A month and a day

21 July 2006

more to go.
Seems like there’s so much more to do. But I can’t think of what. *scratch head*


17 July 2006

I was watching “The L Word” and something came to mind…
If a lesbian likes a transgender person (female to male), does that make the lesbian straight?

Oops I Forgot The Title

16 July 2006

As much as some people would think Rantings is dead, or has been abandoned… it isn’t. I have been busy. Three babes came to JB last Sunday and I followed one of them to KL when she went back. So yeah, it’s been a busy week. (See? I’ve got the perfect excuse!)
Now, Richard said something […]

A Conversation

7 July 2006

Dear diary, I had a bad day today. I got up late in the morning and missed the sunrise…
Many of us kept diaries, and many bloggers seem to think of blogs as alternative to diaries. Zen wrote about how she thought her blog would be her punching bag, where she can vent all she likes […]


7 July 2006

WP tells me I’ve got 3 drafts… but I have nothing to post. ‘Cos I don’t feel like completing those drafts. Just not in the mood. So yeah, this post is here to say that I’ve got nothing to say. :P

Loads to buy

2 July 2006

I thought I am almost ready when I sent in all the forms and got my visa done and got my air ticket confirmed. I mean… what else is there? Just the shopping and packing right?
Now… THAT, my friends, is what makes up the bulk of the preparations. There is so much to buy and […]

Still not over the excitement

2 July 2006

of my new toy, that is.
To those who still don’t know (ie. those lucky ones among my friends who I have not spoken to recently and who have not had to tolerate my crazy ramblings ’bout my newest toy), I got a macbook pro on Thursday, 29th April. She hasn’t got a name yet, Kor […]