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New Toy

30 June 2006

I’ve got a new toy. A new toy I’ve been wanting to get for the longest time ever. This new toy comes in a black box. All very sleek. Oh ya… the new toy’s silver in colour. Mmm… Not going to post much now. I go play with new toy first. Ya. I’m a kid.

Less than 2 months to go…

23 June 2006

… before I leave home.
2 months merely make up 8 weeks… and time pass by ever so quickly. :(
Part of me want to go as soon as possible, ‘cos this long break is really getting on my nerves. Yeah, I’m weird, I don’t like to idle around for too long. I can almost feel […]

Interesting Dates?

20 June 2006

First there was 01 23 hrs 04-05-06 then there was 06-06-06 and today’s 20-06-2006. 2006 must be a year of nice sounding dates!
Numbers are interesting in that it all depends on how you interprete them. For example, some people thought the end-of-the-world would come on 6th June this year, others thought 666 sounds like luckluckluck […]

Feeds Aggregator

20 June 2006

For a long time, I had been using Sharp Reader to read the RSS feeds of some of the blogs I read on a regular basis. I tried out bloglines last night and decided that I like it better, and since it is web-based, I can have access to feeds anywhere I am. :D Yup… […]

Mending Relationships…

17 June 2006

… with ‘em books, I mean.
I have decided that I am going to get my lazy ass moving, and do some studying. So I went downstairs, slid open the doors to the bookcase where all my med books and notes are and took out Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine… affectionately known as “Davidsons”… went […]

Perfect Recipe

15 June 2006

This is so not going to be about my latest cooking adventure… since I haven’t really made anything interesting lately. Maybe I should, that will make my life a lot more interesting, right?
I was chatting with one of my lecturers earlier this evening when Dr J said something that got me thinking. He told me, […]

Losing interest…

12 June 2006

… in a variety of things.
I sit around all day, not doing anything, not wanting to do anything. Just sit. I rented VCDs, and they are sitting in Ma’s room, right next to the TV. I have got loads of books I have not read (having gone for 3 warehouse sales in the past few […]

Been Busy

12 June 2006

I know I’ve been neglecting poor bloggie again… and I have not been replying emails… (the one that has been delayed for the longest time is Adeline, sorry girl). I can only say that I’ve been busy. I have not had a chance to spend more than 24hours in JB for the past few days. […]

Erm… it’s ready?

6 June 2006

I checked the VFS site. My passport’s back at the VFS office and I am to collect it there. Really fast, if you ask me. I handed in my application yesterday, checked in the evening yesterday and the passport’s been sent to British High Comm. I checked again around noon today and it was still […]

Reality Sux

6 June 2006

I was at campsite. It was the last day of the Thai RC visit and I was talking to the their teacher. Kevin tapped me on the shoulder, I turned to him and he said, “Do you know Jane? Used to be from TD?”
The first image that came to mind was that of Jane […]

12 00 Hrs

5 June 2006

I was in KL from yesterday afternoon till today. I wanted to hand in my visa application this morning, and since the last day of actorlympics was yesterday, I caught that as well.
I was on the 12pm bus to KL and the 12pm bus out of KL and I didn’t have a choice either way. […]

Woohoo! Link!!! (Part IV)

3 June 2006

Anyone who reads M203 would know of KenJ. Well, the good news is that the resident M203 blogger now has his own blog. Looks like he will no longer be treating M203 diaries like a rent-free blog hotel. :P The fella sure can think of stuff to write about, and in a way that interests […]

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