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Convocation Pictures

29 May 2006

I don’t have many photos, because I passed the camera to Ma very early on, unlike many of my friends who kept their camera with them till the last minute… so there are quite a few pictures which are actually in others’ cameras. (If you’re wondering… this is a huge huge hint for my dearest […]


28 May 2006

Things have at last cooled down for a bit… a few days at least.
From earlier this month, I have been busy with a series of things. Linda came to visit, then I went to Miri for MIJF, and a Chikin followed me home, after which I went to China. Managed to catch a little rest […]

Another Milestone

27 May 2006

We have officially completed Phase 1. Convocation was held this morning in KL Hilton. This ceremony really hit home that one phase of my life is over… it’s time to get ready for the next.
I don’t really know how to blog about this… but it’s an important time in my life, so I had to […]

Disappearing again

25 May 2006

To KL, this time ’round.
Convocation’s this Saturday but before that I’ve got to attend rehearsals. I’m leaving for KL tomorrow morning and will only be back late Saturday afternoon.
Be good while I’m gone ok?

They Broke!

24 May 2006

I heard the news last night, when I was on the phone with Vasan.
The juniors broke into AUDC Octos!!! :D Ok, this may not seem much to the unis with more established debate societies, but for a “baby” like IMU, it’s great news.
It’s a pity that they did not proceed further (now, this piece of […]

And I’m Back

21 May 2006

From China, that is. :D
It’s quite an experience, really. Went to look for my grandaunt and granduncle’s relatives… (think kampungs)… saw stuff that I wouldn’t have if I had gone as a tourist.
Only disappointment was that I didn’t do much shopping… but hey, it wasn’t a shopping trip, was it?
Overall, I had an OK time, […]

Just Before Boarding

18 May 2006

I’m writing this from Changi airport, just before boarding… I doubt I’ll have internet access during the trip. Erm… the long and short of this is that my grandaunt & granduncle wanna go kampung visiting, and mum decided to go along, somewhere along the way, my name came up and I’m going as well.
Wish me […]

Off I Go Again

17 May 2006

Going to China now… :D Actually I’m flying tomorrow.. but staying over at my grandaunt’s place in S’pore tonight (early morning flight mah). Rest of the Miri photos will be up when I get back.

Miri: First Impression

16 May 2006

Like I said before, I was in Miri over the weekend for the Miri International Jazz Festival… I have been wanting to go to Miri for a long time now, especially since Sheena frequently tells us how great the place is, and how wonderful her mother’s cooking is. I can now tell the world that […]

Sneak Preview

15 May 2006

Here it is. All of us, at the Miri International Jazz Festival. There is actually another story to this picture… but the story will have to wait since I don’t have time now.

L to R: Sheena, Val, me, Grace
Behind the camera: Tim


14 May 2006

I know I’ve been missing in action for some time. Sorry… In fact, I just got back from Miri. I’ll post about that soon, after I’ve sorted out the pictures.


8 May 2006

8th May.
World Red Cross Day.
I joined RC when I was in Pri 3, and that was waaayyyy back in ‘93. 13 years have passed, a lot has changed since. The organisation (I’m talking about SRCS) has changed, I have grown, the way I see RC has changed too.
Most people who read this blog won’t quite […]

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