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16 April 2006

If I’ve got the yPod and yPhone, it’s no surprise that my new buy’s named yPalm.

I hotsync the yPalm and now she (if she’s taking on my initials, she better be female. :P) has everything that used to be in the T3, well, almost everything. All my school things are in, but they sure took a long time syncing. I’ve gotten rid of most of the iSilo files that I don’t need… and I think it’s time to go hunt for more things I need, like some reference text and of course, ebooks are always welcome.

The yPhone only syncs with MS Outlook address book or the Windows address book. I know I can sync yPalm with Outlook, but I prefer to use Palm Desktop… which means I’ll have to sync yPhone, export address book, open Palm Desktop, import address book, sort out the mess, sync Palm Desktop with yPalm. (Now, why didn’t I just switch to using Outlook!! hrmph) I am still at the “sort out the mess” bit. A lot of duplicate contacts and I was not in the habit of having first and last names in my phone contacts. (If I’m confusing you, nevermind… just know that yPalm has a messy contact list for now.)

At the same time, I’m re-configuring Avantgo* and looking out for more games. ;) For now, I’ve only got solitaire (which came with yPalm), equilibria, sudoku and text twist. yup, bejewelled isn’t in yet, come on, don’t look so surprised. :P

Next up…
1. Try out the wifi. did I mention that this is my first wifi-enabled gadget? nope, my 5 yrs old Fujitsu doesn’t have wifi…
2. Load in some mp3s so I have something to listen to when I don’t bring yPod out.

*That’s one other thing I started using after I got my m505, helped me through many general paper (GP) lessons when we were expected to read the papers and be aware of current issues on a regular basis.

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