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30 April 2006

I finally got ’round to doing it. I’m now running wordpress 2.0.2. :D
I thought me being the destructive me will most probably kill the blog, and have mutiple sets of backup. But nope, all seems fine.
If anyone reads this and thinks something looks odd, let me know ok? I’ll see what I can do.
In the […]

So long, farewell…

29 April 2006

Now that I’m more alert I can write better (ie. come out with something longer than 2 lines). And yeah, the topic’s still on leaving KL. I mean, what can I do, it is one of the few events in my life worth mentioning.
Despite clashing schedules and my constant “aiya, it’s OK, no need to […]


28 April 2006

… KL, that is.
Managed to get everything into the car and off I went.
Thanks, Raj and Elena. :D

On Returning Home

25 April 2006

The background to this issue is straightforward, JPA gives out several scholarships each year to students to study medicine in university overseas, whether twinning or otherwise. Having paid for their fees and given them allowance for 7 years (’A’ levels + undergrad), the govt wants 10 years’ work in return. The fresh SPM grad takes the scholarship and eventually breaks the bond.


24 April 2006

There is so much so much so much to do before I go to Belfast. There’s visa and letter of good conduct to apply for, there’re flight tickets to book and things to ship, there’s accomodation to settle and of course, the shopping preps… etc etc
The only things I have done are to get Linda […]

Was it worth it?

24 April 2006

I’m leaving again. I’ll be moving back home at the end of next week, unlike the last time, this move is permanent. The only time I’ll be in KL after this will be the occasional visits, the convocation in late May and maybe sorting out visa and travelling issues. And this sucks, big time.
I go […]

Letter, letter, where are you?

18 April 2006

Exact question I’m asking, day and night… about my QUB offer letter, that is.
Emailed them and they said they’ve sent it out (and that was last month). Asked AAD and they said they haven’t recieved it, I’ve been asking every alternate day, even I am beginning to think I’m really irritating.
Where is my offer […]


16 April 2006

If I’ve got the yPod and yPhone, it’s no surprise that my new buy’s named yPalm.
I hotsync the yPalm and now she (if she’s taking on my initials, she better be female. :P) has everything that used to be in the T3, well, almost everything. All my school things are in, but they sure […]

Making More Sense

15 April 2006

To those people who weren’t with me yesterday afternoon, and those who I didn’t call/PM/IM with my crazy “wheeee…” messages, I know my previous post must be confusing, so here’s one that makes more sense.
I got the TX.
Yup. I did. Yup, I’m still sticking to Palms. I’m open to the switching idea, but as long […]

New Toy

14 April 2006

Wheeeeee… Got my new toy!!! *boing boing boing boing* Wheeeeeeeee….
I’m too busy playing with it. I’ll blog about it when I finally put it down for more than 5 minutes kiez? :D


9 April 2006

Not my room though, although that’s in dire need of some tidying as well. I am going through the songs/music files I have on my internal HDD and my external HDD and trying to get that tidied up. I have also flushed everything out of the yPod and slowly putting songs back in again as […]

There’s something about home…

7 April 2006

… that just makes you feel better. :) I woke up today still sounding a little off, but I’m not coughing as much anymore, my throat’s not scratchy and I can breathe better. This is a whole lot better than yesterday, to quote Adrian when he saw me yesterday morning “Eh, you look and sound […]

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