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Anatomy Lesson

30 March 2006

After three months of holiday, I had an anatomy lesson today. No, I did not turn hardworking all of a sudden and sat through a Sem 5 MSK lecture (which translates to “YP is still YP”). I went for a yoga lesson.
Instructor: The people who are here for the first time, do you know where […]

BOO! Scared?

27 March 2006

Our govt has found a new way to tackle the scholarship issue: scare the applicants!
Here’s the plan, have a group of shortlisted applicants, put them in the hospitals for 3 days, make them visit various departments and hope that the blood and gore will scare them off.
PSD director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Adam said they wanted […]

Flying McRoach & Datuk JPJ

24 March 2006

It is surprising how bloggers manage to find out new things. First we have rkaru who discovered about the new spectacles rule in JPJ, then we have CHiQ who discovered a new product over at McDs BSC! The Flying McRoach!
Two seperate incidences, both about service.
rKaru lost his roadtax and had to go to JPJ […]

Not An Aggregator?

18 March 2006

Looks like I am a lot blurrer than I thought I was… *sheepish grin*
I read MMR on a regular basis and sometimes pop over to MMM for a dose of the latest malaysian medical news.
For the longest time ever I thought MMM was done automatically via a news aggregator of some sort. And then […]

Data Entry

17 March 2006

I won’t be in the lab for the time being, working with C in students affairs for a while. :)
Data entry is no where near fun. If anything, it is taxing both on your mind and your eyes. First off, it does not require much thinking… and trust me, not thinking is tiring. Next, staring […]

Speaking To The Hand

14 March 2006

Not just any hand, I’m talking about Richard’s hand.
He was explaining to me that he has not deserted his blog, he is just too busy. There is actually a lot he wants to blog about.
“I am so busy lah, Yee Pei… no time to blog lah… I have to read journals, prepare presentations and […]


12 March 2006

everything becomes so disappointing, things look so bleak, you have nothing left to say.
Then again, who am I to say anything. I cannot hope to make any changes, I can only be there… as a friend.
I wonder if she knows that this friend’s here.

Woohoo! Link!!! (Part III)

9 March 2006

It seems like I’m finding more and more links everyday… today… it’s… *drum roll*…SARAH!
Sarah = S = my senior = Rat-killer-from-this-post :P She blogged about yesterday too.

Time passes so fast…

9 March 2006

… it’s been 2 years.
I can still remember leaving to do my elective.
I can still remember waving goodbye.
I can still remember the dreaded phonecall.
I find myself talking more about him these days.
I find myself thinking more about him these days.
I find myself missing him more these days.
I find myself wondering more and more often… how […]


8 March 2006

… a rat
S: *walks into office* I’m going to kill a rat today.
Me: OW!
S: Huh? How?
Me: No, I said “Ow”. Pain mah..
S: Oh, I thought you said how. I am going to pierce the heart. I don’t know how I’m going to kill all 38.
Raj: Genocide lah!
Er.. no.. we’re not heartless. :P


8 March 2006

At the mamak last night while we were waiting for The Intern to arrive, the CHiQbook and CHiQphone piqued a little girl (Joanne)’s curiosity. Joanne’s Ma/Jie/whoever’s-looking-after-her (let’s call her “lady”) was at the next table, talking to a friend and did not seem to be taking notice of her. Somewhere along the way, Joanne […]


5 March 2006

The tagboard, I mean. Too much spamming… And it isn’t as if I’ve got a lot of readers. So ya. The tagboard’s gone.

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