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Unable to recall

28 February 2006

After a round of turning and turning around, re-getting on to LDP and U-turning and getting off it again…all this while not knowing the impending hike in petrol prices… we finally found the place. (Ok, it wasn’t that difficult to find, we kinda missed the banner. :P)MPH warehouse sales was good but my wallet wasn’t […]

New Hairdo & Meeting New Old People

26 February 2006

I’ve been wanting to do this since eons ago. My JC friends will know that. I went for rebonding!!! After 21 years of living with curly, unruly hair… I’ve got something easier to manage at last! People tell me “wah, you got natural curls! so nice!” I tell them “you want? I give you lah… […]

Back in KL…

20 February 2006

… but everything is so different.
I’ve moved (ya, I know I’ve mentioned this a million times) and I miss my old housemates and my prev apartment. Not that my current housemates are unpleasant, I guess I just don’t like changes very much. I feel that one of the most horrible change a person can be […]

‘Em New Purr Purr Ones

20 February 2006

*goes all dumb-blonde-like*

Pretty? :) I’ve got ‘em new purr purr shoes!

Bad Customer Service

16 February 2006

One is bad, two makes you wonder why these companies even survive. Surprise surprise, both of them have got something to do with my broadband accounts.
One won’t stop asking about my blinking dsl light…
Her: Ma’am, may I know if your dsl light is stable?
Me: I don’t have my phone cable plugged into my modem right […]

Valentine’s With Vagus

14 February 2006

This went well.
People who are interested but did not attend the talk, the powerpoint presentation can be seen here. The presentation is very comprehensive.
One important thing I learnt from today’s talk is to know what I want and to plan for it in advance. Post-grad programs had always seemed like something that belonged far away […]

Woohoo! Links!!! (Part II)

13 February 2006

Added another 2 links. Both med peepz.
There’s Ling, a wonderful babe I’ve known for…. *count fingers count toes*… 14 years. Ok, Ling! We’re growing old!!! (No, we weren’t neighbours, we weren’t primary school classmates, not even schoolmates, and we didn’t go anywhere in the same school bus.) She’s all the way in Manipal now (in […]

Gone for a while

13 February 2006

I’ll be driving to KL today and coming back tomorrow. And I’m not bringing my lappie with me, so no updates/replies to emails/postings in forums etc for 2 days.
Before anyone ask me why this crazy schedule…
1. Ma doesn’t want me to drive to KL alone. (300+ KM mah, 3 hrs plus)
2. Everyone I’ve asked, who […]

Killing Cockroaches

11 February 2006

But Richard, I haven’t killed any recently!
There was this cockroach that appeared in my bathroom a few months back. I don’t know where it came from… maybe it’s because the drainage hole (what do you call that hole in the ground that water drains into?)
I’m not the kind of person to climb on to […]

Killing Time

10 February 2006

This post was inspired by Richard’s latest POI.
It has been 56 days since EoS ended and we went crazy with our new found freedom. It has been 49 days since results were released and we went even crazier upon recieving the great news. The first few days after EoS were wonderful. Most of us […]

When your friend tells you to update…

10 February 2006

… you try to do so, even when you don’t really have much to say.
It’s not like I have no blogging materials. I have got CNY photos that I can put up, but I don’t want to go through the photos-picking process. I have got a meme to do, but it’s a half-done draft and […]

US Residency

3 February 2006

This is a public service announcement. Erm… ok, not very public, just for the IMU people. Dr Khoo’s (aka Vagus) having a talk in IMU on residency in the US when he comes back to the country later this month. Details on the talk are as follows:
Date: 14th Feb 2006
Time: 10.30am to 11.30am
“I’ll talk about […]

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