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30 December 2005

Living away from home means having to do housework, that is the one of the main sucky bits about being away, really. Considering I can call Ma and talk to her everyday, find most Johorean food in KL, ok, housework is the most sucky bit.
In order of preference…
1. Laundry — I actually end up doing […]

The Past, The Future & Some In-Betweens

29 December 2005

I remember stepping into IMU on 20th Aug 2003 as a freshie. I was still a little floaty with the omg-I’m-a-medical-student thought, not really believing that I’m actually doing something like this; a little doubtful, having been given ample warning about the monster in disguise that is medical school. 2 1/2 years seemed very long […]

Missing: Pillow & Bolster

24 December 2005

The main attractions to “home” are most often 2 things, homecooked food and your own comfortable bed, so can you imagine my horror when I got home to neither of those?
Kor went to SG, so mom and I had dinner outside. It wasn’t all the bad since I will be home for quite a few […]

Santa’s Gift

23 December 2005

Santa brought his prezzie, the one I asked for. THANKS, SANTA!
All of us did well, so here’s a huge CONGRATULATIONS to M2/03, the graduating batch of IMU BJ. Now that Phase I is over, we’ve got Phase II to look forward to, whether it’s at Seremban or PMS. But… before that, Happy Holidays!!! LOOoooonnnnnggggg holiday […]

I’m scared II

23 December 2005

Ya. Again. This suckz.


22 December 2005

Results will be out tomorrow, the anxiety is killing me. Gosh. Why is the system so cruel?

Going Up…

20 December 2005

up and away!!! :)
Off to Genting for a day or two. Don’t miss me while I’m gone ok?
Cya when I get back.

I’m scared

19 December 2005

The title says it all.
Update: Not on the board. Is that good or bad? I don’t know.

The Board

18 December 2005

Tomorrow’s a day when we don’t know whether we want to see our ID numbers on the board. If you’re on it, you know your standing, and it isn’t a good one. If you’re not on it, you don’t know your standing, which may be better or worse than your standing if your ID’s on […]


18 December 2005

April just showed me the catalogue for the earrings she made and is selling. They look really good. :) She’s selling them. Go check them out, maybe you wanna get some earrings for a girl friend for xmas.

Good Dinners

18 December 2005

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Two great dinners in a row!”
– YP (during dinner on 16-Dec evening)
First it was the one on 15th evening with the debaters. Our wonderful juniors threw us a farewell dinner at Italiannies after our exams and we also celebrated Hai Liang’s and Vasan’s birthdays. (Happy Belated and […]

The Aftermath

16 December 2005

If you wanna know how it went, well, it wasn’t positive. I’m hopeful, but… *shrug*. I’ll take Dr TS’s advice on this though, that whatever the results may be, till Monday, it’s our time, and it’s the time to enjoy. When I finally know that I passed (note the choice of vocab), I will have […]

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